Pumpkin carving 2014!

Hello friends!

Sunny and Diana hosted our annual family pumpkin carving shindig this past weekend, and it was amazing. Diana made an amazing butternut squash pasta dish, of which I had too much of, and we carved pumpkins. This year Erik’s mom had to work, so his dad came over and carved his first pumpkin with us!

20141026_191332We do the same thing every year; pick out the hardest designs which seem like a good idea at first but towards the end when you feel like your arms are going to fall off you just want to throw the pumpkin on the ground and shout “CARVE YOURSELF DAMN IT”.

Erik chose another scary pumpkin this year, and it turned out pretty awesome.

20141026_191353Lauren and David’s pumpkins:20141026_191339 20141026_191412Diana’s pumpkin:

20141026_191345Erik’s dad’s pumpkin:

20141026_191407Anya’s pumpkin:

20141026_191421And last but not least, my pumpkin, who I have named “Kitty-Hotey”

20141026_191400Who is some sort of Pirate cat thing.

We all had a great time carving pumpkins and hanging out with family. It will be even more fun in a few years when the kids can help carve pumpkins!

I hope everyone has a great day!


24 weeks!

Hello friends!

I’m back with another weekly update! Here we are at 24 weeks, and my belly is large and in charge.IMG_6818I will note that Erik and I went out to lunch for chinese food right before this picture, so that might be why my belly is so big. But man I was tiny last pregnancy.

24 WeeksI have been feeling her move around a lot more, and this week for the first time Erik felt her move too! It is really crazy how the position of the placenta effects how much movement I feel. Liam gave me his wonderful cold this week, and I feel like poo. My head feels like it is in a vice! I have 24 week appointment this afternoon, maybe I will ask her if she can give me something to get rid of this cold.

I think I have to go in for my glucose test soon. I lied I just check my posts from last time and I didn’t go in for my glucose test until I was 28 weeks last time; so in a month. I also realized that I will be done with my second trimester in a month, now THAT is insane! At the rate my belly is growing I won’t be able to fit through doors by the time February rolls around.

IMG_6814Really really hard to believe she will be here in a little over 3 1/2 months! We really need to get our S together and set up Liam’s big boy room so we can move him out of the nursery and get it ready for her.  I know we won’t be moving her into the room until she is around 2 months old but I can only imagine how hard life is going to be with a toddler and a newborn.

IMG_6821In the next few weeks I will be going through all of Liam’s old clothes and taking out things we can reuse for baby girl. I know that I will be able to use all of Liam’s white onesies, for weekly pictures and for undershirts!  Oh I am going to have fun picking out girly fabrics for her weekly pictures. And no I have not started Liam’s quilt, I maaaaay just give the pieces I cut out to my friend or mother in law to see if either of them can put the quilt together.

Okay that is all I have for you all today!

Spark notes version:

How far along? 24 Weeks
Maternity clothes? yuppy yup
Stretch marks? I see some on my belly :(
Symptoms:  tireddddd
Best moment this week:  carving pumpkins
Miss Anything?  beer and wine
Movement: I’ve been feeling her move more and more
Food cravings:  ice cream
Anything making you queasy or sick:  nope
Have you started to show yet:  I’m huge
Gender:  Baby GIRL
Labor Signs: nope nope too soon
Belly Button in or out? inny but getting more and more shallow!!!
Mood:  stressed, Liam and I both have a cold :-/
Looking forward to: Halloween!

I hope everyone has a great day!


23 weeks!

Hello friends!

Here we are at 23 week (16 more weeks to go!), and I am getting more and more excited every day!

IMG_6808Man my hair is getting long; I think I need a haircut! Finding time for a haircut is pretty much impossible nowadays. I feel enormous, already. I think my belly last time if finally catching up with this time, either that or I had eaten a lot before the last picture.

23 WeeksI just have to keep telling myself that she is bigger than Liam was at this stage. I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but I think at this point I’ve gained about 10-15 lbs since the start of my pregnancy. Not too bad, although I wish I had started this pregnancy at a decent weight. It just means I have to work harder after she is born to get back down to my happy weight. I tried to do that last time and failed miserably, but I have a greater drive this time around to get back in shape.

IMG_6810I also tried to document my weight loss last time, and was completely discouraged. I hope to document it this time around, but actually use it as motivation for getting back into shape. I really do miss working out and being fit, I feel like I can barely walk up stairs at this point without being a little out of breath.

I know I can do it, I might need a little push from my hubby, family and friends, but I know I will be successful! Other than feeling like a blimp, I can’t really complain, I’ve been feeling pretty good.

IMG_6811My heartburn is slowly coming back, but it is still manageable with tums so I haven’t started taking zantac yet. My hips are getting better, not really sure why, maybe she is repositioning herself in there making it more balanced. Who knows but whatever it is I am grateful for it.

Alright well I think that is all I have for you today!

Spark notes version:

How far along? 23 weeks!
Maternity clothes? yup yup
Stretch marks? Who the heck knows anymore
Symptoms:  sleepy.. verrry sleepy. and I pee a LOT again.. oy
Best moment this week:  Lauren and David’s Wedding!!!!!
Miss Anything?  Being in shape
Movement: Her movements aren’t as strong as Liam’s were, but they are there. The ultrasound tech said that I wouldn’t feel her movements as much because my placenta is between her body and my stomach. I am hoping as she gets bigger, I will be able to feel stronger movements.
Food cravings:  Loaded baked potato. enough said
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really
Have you started to show yet:  just look at it
Gender:  Baby girl
Labor Signs: no way too soon
Belly Button in or out? in but it is getting more and more shallow every week.. eeeek

I hope everyone has a great day!


New mom questions and fears (WINNER ANNOUNCED)

Hello friends!

Thank you for everyone who read my post and entered in the giveaway. Your comments were amazing. If you haven’t had a chance to look at the new mom fears and advice I have posted them here! But first.. The winner is……..

winnerCongrats TWINSIEEEEEEEEEEE.  I will pass your information along to Heather who will send you your gift card!

And now on to the amazing advice from my amazing friends!

Sara: My biggest fear actually was not with raising my child but the delivery. How crazy is that when I am a labor and delivery nurse. Having seen the good, the bad, and the ugly I had so many expectations built up about how Emily should come into this world. Of course she didn’t come the way I planned and part me still struggles with this, but I know it was what was needed. It was the true start to motherhood I think for me that I needed to realize the rest of my life might have routine but won’t always go to plan.

Patti: To pick only one of the trillion fears I had is hard. They are just so small and fragile when they come out, how will I know what to do if they can’t make any requests? But really the biggest fear was a general “will I know what to do and when to do it?” I didn’t want him sitting in a dirty diaper, ever be hungry, not get enough sleep or sleep too much or lack in human contact. Turns out all of these things tend to take care of themselves and in reality the hardest part are things I never even thought would happen to my little boy. So you can worry all you want but as the saying goes “worrying is like a rocking chair, it will keep you busy but not get you anywhere”.

Abbie: Biggest Fear: being a good mom. Sounds ridiculous, but everyone’s definition of “good mom” is different, and I just want my kids to say I was a good mom when they are older! Advice: trust your instincts! You will generally have an idea of what you need to do and you will hear so much conflicting advice from all other moms out there; it gets overwhelming really fast. You are doing a great job!

Sarah: My biggest fear is knowing what to do! There seems like so much to stay on top of and so many different avenues you can take that it’s pretty overwhelming. I guess my advice (to myself and others) is to be kind and patient with yourself!

Erin: My biggest fear the first time around was just not knowing what to do. And it’s still kind of the same the second time around because every baby is different and has totally different issues. I would just say don’t be afraid to ask for help! It’s good to have friends with babies/kids so you can pick their brains when you’re desperate.

Stephanie: My biggest fear was going into labor. I was so scared I wouldn’t know I was in labor or that there would be a terrible snowstorm (we were in Blacksburg) and we wouldn’t be able to drive to the hospital. Somehow I convinced my Doctor to induce me over a week early which was amazing and really calmed my nerves. After my first was born the next biggest fear was what in the world to do when he cried. I really had no clue and the first time he cried I was terrified. Why I hadn’t thought about this before his delivery… I have no idea! My advice to new moms is try not to stress over too much. I think moms are always comparing their babies to other babies or even their own other children and then also comparing themselves to other moms. It’s really not healthy and doesn’t really help anything. I believe that if you spent that time really being in tune with your child you would worry a lot less about milestones and accomplishments and enjoy the ride a lot more.

Tiff: So many fears, so little time! I worry about every.little.thing. But my biggest fear is that he’ll hurt himself in some way. They’re so tiny, and so stinkin’ fragile!

It is good to hear that most moms have the same general fears and the advice was right on point! Everyone always wants to give new mom’s advice on what kinds of diapers to buy, which stroller is best, what to feed them, etc., rarely do people just give generic “Hey its going to be okay” advice, and sometimes we just need that. It is easier said than done, I know, I’ve been there, and most likely I will have the same fears this time around. But now I know that it will be okay. I will be able to sleep again, I won’t lose contact with the outside world, and yes maybe, just maybe I will be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again.

I hope everyone has a great day!


I can’t complain

Hello friends!

A little different kind of post on this rainy and muggy day. I read a blog post today that really got me thinking; we all (myself included) complain too much. Nowadays facebook and day to day conversations are flooded with people complaining about the weather, traffic, work, etc. Heck, I texted Erik this morning and complained about the rain, but you know what, there are so many people who would love to switch places with us and stand out in that rain or be stuck in traffic just to get one more day on this earth to be with their loved ones.

I want to learn to catch myself before I complain about something, and instead turn it into a positive statement, or observation. I really want to try and eliminate negative thoughts and feelings from my head and be more outwardly grateful. So in spite of this rainy day, I want to share 10 things I am grateful about, and I encourage you to do the same.

  • First and foremost I am grateful for my health and the health of my family and friends.
  • I am grateful for the roof over my head.
  • I am grateful to have a husband who loves me, and will do just about anything to make me happy.
  • I am grateful and blessed that I am able to have children. And I am grateful for my healthy and happy babies.
  • I am grateful for my loving and caring friends.
  • I am grateful for my job.
  • I am grateful we found a school for our son, which is close to our house and provides a loving and caring environment for him to grow in.
  • I am grateful to have been born into such a great family and married into such a wonderful family.
  • I am grateful for my sister, who is my best friend, someone I could never live without.
  • I am grateful for my freedom, and thank all those who fought for our rights and our freedom.

I am certainly grateful for more than just 10 things, but we would be here all day if I listed every little thing I am grateful for. Maybe I will make it a regular occurrence on my blog each week, and maybe I will call it “I can’t complain Monday”.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are grateful for.

Have a great day!


Today is the last day to enter into my $25 visa gift card giveaway. I will announce a winner tomorrow morning!

Lauren and David’s wedding!

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! This weekend was all about my sister (in-law) Lauren! She married her best friend on Saturday in one of the most beautiful weddings I have been a part of. We had waaaaay too much fun; we are still all recovering. The festivities started Friday night at the rehearsal dinner, where we enjoyed way too much food and the best type of family bonding. I really love weddings because they bring families together and really put everyone in a great mood.10711010_926722720676071_3629814393679547842_n10703689_926722740676069_4613313338415702527_nThe venue was beautiful and the weather was perfect, well most of the day, it got a little colder as the sun went down.

My boys were looking handsome, as always.

1016909_926722797342730_5990384945794608047_nI didn’t look half bad either, considering I am as big as a house right now.1798955_10204986188037044_6047283558699976471_oLiam was freaking adorable walking down the aisle with the flower girl. At one point he stopped, turned around and started looking for airplanes in the sky. It was awesome.

10593068_926722960676047_2730707513258333173_n He was really good, better than I had expected him to be. He stood in front of me the majority of the ceremony, but being a toddler, he was bored and started walking back and forth from me to grandma, crunching leaves.

10505322_926722860676057_4713688655877599339_nWe all started crying the moment Lauren walked down the aisle.

10580140_926723120676031_2458010694966960934_nAnd for good reason, look at how beautiful she is.

10404292_10205028827625354_1638912398090168866_n 10746_926723160676027_2276299771290264098_nI can’t wait to see what the professional photos look like, because there were some pictures where it looked like Lauren was straight out of a bridal magazine.  The reception was beautiful. I am a little biased as the colors were verrry similar to those of my Alma mater 10600660_926723617342648_2948211708586294742_n 1555308_926723610675982_4817202434370497261_n10708653_781694245209656_5880012100164032139_oAfter the speeches, David had a surprise no one really knew about.  He sang to Lauren, in front of everyone. It was by far the sweetest thing I have ever seen in a wedding or really ever in real life.  It was like something out of a movie. 1378802_528548553245_1110195177589896285_nI cried SO SO SO SO much. I actually don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. It was amazing.

After all the singing, speeches and food, we partied… all. night.. long

1891021_926723927342617_3658063917728506437_nAnd of course, what is a wedding these days without a silly photobooth.

I love my family :)10257894_10102917383990953_8181645886133789635_n

1779149_10102917382189563_626012317879648269_nI hope everyone has a great day!



New mom questions and fears

Hello friends!

I am excited to work with Perrigo Nutritionals again. If you remember last time they provided me with some yummy store brand puffs and yogurt drops for Liam. Well this time they have asked me to share some questions, fears and advice I have as a new mom to new moms out there. The Perrigo Nutritionals product, gift card, information, and additional gift card have all been provided by Perrigo Nutritionals, but the questions, fears and advice are my own.

Before I had Liam, my biggest fears were centered around how are we going to manage the time and sleepless nights. How is this going to change our lives? Will I know what to do? What if he doesn’t stop crying? Will I be able to breastfeed? Along with thousands of other questions and fears, but you know what… That moment when you see them for the first time, none of those questions actually matter.

20130131_123829Your life will change, forever, personally I think our lives are more whole with Liam in it. As much as we teach him, he has taught us so much more. I’ve learned to be more patient, gentle and I am also finding less of a need to control everything all the time. That last lesson I am still working on, but it takes time. 20130131_184230The fear not not being able to produce enough milk for him is a pretty realistic and possible one. Many women can’t or just do not have the time to pump for their kids and that is okay. I felt that I NEEDED to breastfeed him, and that put a lot of pressure on me emotionally and physically. It wasn’t until my breastfeeding ritual was perfected that I got the first opportunity from Perrigo Nutritionals.  I learned a lot about formula in general, but more importantly store brand formula.

A new, nationwide survey of pediatricians looked at the most common questions new moms will ask.  97 percent of pediatricians say feeding is one of the top three categories new moms ask about and  more than half (52 percent) of pediatricians say feeding is the number one topic new moms ask about. “Pooping” questions were second (43 percent of respondents). Sleeping was third (41 percent).

The results were based on a nationwide survey of pediatricians conducted by SERMO, the largest online network exclusively for physicians.

What most moms don’t know is that the FDA strictly regulates infant formula to keep little ones safe, so store brand infant formulas, like Walmart’s Parent’s Choice and Target’s Up and Up, are nutritionally comparable to national brands like Enfamil® and Similac® and meet FDA standards. Most importantly, pediatricians agree! According to the “Pulse of Pediatricians” survey, 71 percent of pediatricians believe all infant formulas are basically the same; the brand doesn’t matter. Parents can feel good about using store brand formula and they can even save up to $600 per year; without compromising quality!

Knowing that that option is there for my and my family in the future eases my mind a little. You can check out more information about store brand formulas on the Perrigo Nutritionals Store Brand Formula website,  www.storebrandformula.com.20130205_083320There are so many different things I could say about being a new mom, and I know everyone says it, but it really does get better. The first 3-4 months is really hard.. like really really hard. But once you establish a routine (and stick to it) things get a lot easier for you and your baby. I guess that would be my biggest piece of advice for new moms, find a routine that works for your family, and stick to it. You might lose contact with a few of your friends at first, but the ones who really matter will understand and stick by you through the rough times. Some might even make you enchiladas :)

Thank you for reading my rant :)

Perrigo Nutritionals has offered to give one of my readers a $25 Visa gift card just for being you!

Okay, so how can you win?  The contest begins today (Thursday 10/16/14) , and I’m announcing a winner on Thursday, October 23.  Mandatory: Leave a comment with your biggest fear as a new mom and share some advice for new moms out there.  20130227_080255Good luck, and have a great day!


Cox Farms 2014

Hello friends!

Sunday the sun decided to grace us with its presence, so we gathered the family and headed to Cox Farms. As soon as we got there he wants to show Grandma the cows. IMG_6732That was until he spotted the slides, then he insisted on having grandma take him on the slide. IMG_6733I would have taken more pictures than this but the little kid who went down before him was just sitting at the bottom of the slide, so I had to save him from Liam coming down the slide. Luckily there were so many other things catching his attention he didn’t want to go down the slide 100 times.

We tired to get some good pictures of Archer and Liam, but it is very difficult to ask a toddler to sit down for more than 30 seconds so you can take his picture.

IMG_6734 IMG_6736 IMG_6735He then of course discovered the tractor and wanted to drive it.

IMG_6737 IMG_6743and we as adults thought it would be a great idea to put Archer on top (don’t worry Anya was holding him)

IMG_6738 IMG_6742 IMG_6741 IMG_6740 IMG_6739We “sat down” for a few minutes to scarf down some food, before Liam wanted to get up and start running around again. He was so excited to discover all the new things on the farm that he just ran around in a circle singing and talking to himself. It was adorable. We discovered a Liam sized playground that had a slide. One he went down about 20 times before we told him it was time to go.

IMG_6745 IMG_6744 IMG_6747 IMG_6746He has gotten so big, it is unreal!

Anyway.. They had an awesome kiddie section that was roped off, so only kids his size could run around in there. They had a really cool wooden train the kids could climb on.

IMG_6751 IMG_6750 IMG_6749 IMG_6748He was so busy running around I could barely get any good shots of him.

Honestly if it didn’t cost $17 a person to go there I would take him there every weekend of the season so that he could play. Next year, I told Erin that they have to come up and we will take all (4!!!) kids there to play. Caden and Liam will be 2.5, Theo will be 1 and baby girl will be 8 months old! Insane to think that far ahead!  I tried to convince Patti to come with us this year, but she had already gone during the week with Michael’s playgroup.  Next year I am making them come too, then we will have SIX kids total, insanity. We might need more than one grandma in attendance next year!


Liam was so tired he passed out in the car and totally ruined his nap

FB_IMG_1413134855938No big deal, because all he wanted to do was cuddle on the couch with daddy and watch football.

2014-10-12 14.38.01A great end to a wonderful fall day!

I hope everyone has a great day!





Fairfax Fall Festival

Hello friends!

As I mentioned yesterday this weekend was jammed packed full of fun!

Saturday morning was yucky and rainy, but the afternoon thankfully cleared up so we ventured out to the Fairfax Fall Festival. Liam took his first ride on a bus, 20141011_153446and dispite the look on his face he was actually really excited to be on the “cool bus”. When we got there, we met up with Patti, Ramsey and Micheal and headed straight for the fire trucks. Actually we were just walking down the street and I swear Liam spotted them from the top of the hill. The firehouse was having an open house so they let the kids get climb into the firetruck and go into the fire station.

20141011_155055He was more excited to get into the drivers seat, 20141011_155423 20141011_155428and yes he actually screamed and cried when I made him get out so the other kids could have a turn. Great news for Liam, the teacher at his school told me that they will be getting a visit from the fire truck this week! After the fire trucks, we headed to the carnival section of the festival. We learned that waiting in line with a toddler is not so fun…. He really wanted to get on the train, we I told him if he wanted to go he had to wait in line.  Negotiating with a toddler is a lose lose situation. We did it, and he absolutely LOVED the train ride.

20141011_162210 20141011_162443 20141011_162440And yes he cried when the ride was over and we had to leave the train.

One of the only rides that didn’t have a line was this weirdo playground thing.. well at least I thought it was a playground with a slide.. I was wrong, there was a ball pit and a really steep climb up to the slide. He didn’t make it past the ball pit. It was his first time in a ball pit, he seemed to enjoy himself.

20141011_163038 20141011_163042I’m thinking for Christmas, I will add some ball pit balls to his wishlist and fill the pack n play so he can play in there. Much cleaner!

After the ball pit fiasco (he got stuck in there and Ramsey had to go in and rescue him), we headed over to the fun slide, where Erik captured the most EPIC photo ever…

10672329_10101731130163086_2056131476845431340_nI cannot stop laughing at that picture. I was actually really terrified, that slide was really fast. The sign did say, no pregnant women… oops. Liam wanted to ride the slide 100 more times, so being the amazing daddy that he is, Erik took him up and down the slide at least 6 times. 2014-10-11

He was absolutely exhausted when we were leaving

20141011_173541that dazed look is the look of a successful day at the fall festival!

Tomorrow I will share our day at Cox farms!

I hope everyone has a great day!


22 Weeks!

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having a great long weekend, ours has been fun and super busy. I will have a few weekend update posts throughout the week, but for now… I am 22 weeks!

IMG_6758I feel like my belly was much bigger last week than this week,

21 weeks1Maybe I had eaten a lot more that day. I don’t really have any major updates for this week, kind of a let down considering last week was so eventful! I have been trying to control myself when it comes to buying stuff for baby girl, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

The biggest news, isn’t about my pregnancy, it’s about Liam starting “school”. I took him to his new daycare, which we are calling school, on Friday. It was awesome. He is going to learn so much there, I cannot wait to see where this next adventure takes us.

Oh well I guess I did find our new nursery fabric. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned the new color scheme of the nursery, but it is going to be grey, coral, navy blue, with a little bit of gold. I also think I am going to move away from animals and go with anchors/nautical theme for baby girl’s nursery.

I want this changing pad,

changing pad|Via Etsy

I want to make these,

nursery decorVia pinterest

Or something like it. I might want to make these and incorporate the gold glitter like the ones above.

nursery decor2more pinterest

oh oh oh and I also want to make one of these, once we decide on a name…

nursery decor3more pinteresting

Yea it’s going to be fun to put together! Alright well that is all I have for you all today :)

Spark notes version:

How far along? 22 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Oh ya :)
Stretch marks? just on my chest
Symptoms:  hips and lower back, some mild heartburn
Best moment this week:  Taking Liam to cox farms :)
Miss Anything?  Beer. This is seriously going to be my answer for the rest of the pregnancy.
Movement: yes still lower in my belly, she is still head up, and they are still pretty dainty.
Food cravings:  None this week
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope feeling good
Have you started to show yet:  yes
Gender:  BABY GIRL
Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out? Inny, but getting wider and flatter!
Mood:  happy :)
Looking forward to: Lauren and David’s wedding this coming weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!


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