Neila’s Baby Shower!

Hello friends!

This past weekend I went to my cousin’s baby shower! Her and her husband are expecting a little girl in November, and I cannot wait to spoil her! One of their close family friends organized the shower and it was very beautiful.

1891150_913764355305241_2742773829052664810_nPink and Grey, my two favorite colors! 10606545_913763641971979_1188914262997416775_n 10672250_913763491971994_9049560662499052271_nNeila was my only cousin living in the United States (until Farid came to live with my momma and sister a few years ago), and we grew up playing at each others houses almost every day. Neila and Bob live a little further away from us now (hopefully they move back up here soon.,. hint hint) but I am so happy for both of them.20140928_161048I love my cousin so very much, and I am so glad to have been able to share this day with her :) It is going to be so much fun watching our babies grow up together!20140928_142923Love you Cuzzy!

10361518_913763938638616_5434886620307669998_nHave a great day everyone!


Kelly and Ty’s wedding!

Hello friends!

Okay I lied last week when I said I would write a blog post about the wedding by the end of the week. To tell you the truth, I spent all of last week recovering from the wedding. We had such an amazing time while we were there. Erik and I are both so grateful to have been a part of Kelly and Ty’s wedding weekend. We met some incredibly awesome people, both family and friends of Kelly and Ty, who we will never forget and will hopefully, keep in touch with. Thank you all for welcoming us into your circle of friends with open arms. And now the moment you all have been waiting for, pictures!

Erik and I arrived Thursday morning and met up with Rosie near Boston University. I had made plans to meet one of my besties Melissa for lunch so we went to Qdoba and took some pictures afterwards.

20140918_124758 20140918_124745I wish we could have spent more time in Boston with Melissa but we were on a pretty tight schedule to get to New Hampshire to help with last minute wedding preparations. We arrived in New Hampshire and the tent was already set up but we needed to do a TON of last minute decorating. It was really fun to be a part of all the pre-wedding chaos.

1150859_10102836716653943_5505681332418979055_n 10521791_10102836717656933_6465456398271697346_nFriday was also spent getting things done around the house and barn before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I didn’t take any pictures during the rehearsal dinner, well actually I did but it was on Amber’s camera and I am too lazy to download them from Facebook.

Saturday was WEDDING DAY! We got up really early and Ty made us all Egg sandwiches for breakfast before we headed down to the farm to finish up a few more decorating elements.10440166_10102836725161893_3096434787945034505_n

10660255_10102836724188843_4216737125651901204_n10635908_10102836723914393_5252553330989113487_n 1908431_10102836724463293_3780482786817983586_nThen we went and got our hair done10612655_10102836716708833_7191994089745788225_n

And headed back to the house to get ready for the big event! 20140920_133757 20140920_140810

We took a sweet hayride up to the ceremony site,10368380_10102836718644953_6339488411700466457_n

walked down the aisle and waited for Kelly’s arrival.10247267_10102836719044153_8755745638425232578_n 1937477_10102836719518203_4779858132610892007_nThis was the point when I completely lost my composure and started crying, and when I say crying I mean crying. Luckily Aunt Jane had a good supply of tissues to help me out. I watched one of my very best friends walk down the aisle with her dad to marry her best friend. It was such a wonderful moment for me.

10698612_10102836720057123_6825420254706507110_n 10629775_10102836720576083_5619987695240781175_nWe took loads of pictures before heading back down to the farm for the reception.

20140920_161424 20140920_161413 20140920_161312 20140920_160254 10712905_10102836722806613_5873084498894693424_n 10665327_10102836721993243_6343976786320465653_n 10636064_10102836723280663_860417958606658882_n 10612921_10102836722287653_2337970568141513992_nThen… we partied like rock stars!10666053_10102836728570063_1497217158681102645_n 10689794_10102836727192823_660279718544752870_n 983807_10102836728734733_6715836271083082368_n 10383963_10102836727676853_4624586897942005460_n 10616537_10102836725401413_5271161399074505833_nAgain, thank you Kelly and Ty for an amazing weekend!

20140920_161530I hope everyone has a great day!



19 Weeks!

Hello friends and hello 19 weeks!

IMG_6631Sorry I look exhausted, but this weekend really did a number on me. I will hopefully have a post about Kelly and Ty’s wedding later this week.

My comparison picture this week is pretty bad, I don’t know why I chose the outfit I did last time but you can barely see my bump.

19 WeeksMaybe it’s because I didn’t really have a bump at 19 weeks last time. This week was rough, I had horrible hip pain for the majority of the week. I’ve been doing some stretches and sitting on my ab ball at work to see if that will alleviate the problem.  The day after the wedding I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I thought I had pulled my groin muscle but it turns out I am experiencing “normal” pelvic pain. Whatever that means. IMG_6628I’m convinced it’s my body torturing me for not getting back in shape after I had Liam. Point made, you can back off now. My advice for anyone thinking of getting pregnant soon, please make sure you are active and work on your core strength before you get pregnant. I guarantee it will make your pregnancy much more pleasant.  I see lunges and squats in my future.

My hormones have been a bit up and down this week. I was an emotional MESS during Kelly and Ty’s wedding ceremony. I saw her coming up the hill in that wagon and I LOST it. Not an exaggeration you can ask any of the girls in the bridal party. Luckily Kelly’s Aunt Jane had wedding themed tissues in her purse.  Aunt Jane for the win!

Alright kids, that is all I have for you this week. Stay tuned for a post for Kelly and Ty’s perfect Fall wedding :)

IMG_6636Spark notes version:

How far along? 19 Weeks
Maternity clothes? ya def
Stretch marks? Not really
Symptoms:  so much hip pain,
Best moment this week:  Do I really need to say it…. Kelly and Ty’s wedding!!!!
Miss Anything?  can I just say beer indefinitely
Movement: little body rolling around
Food cravings:  none this week
Anything making you queasy or sick:  nothing
Have you started to show yet:  I am huge
Gender prediction:  9 days till we find out!!!!!
Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out? inny :)
Mood:   I cry sometimes.. for no reason
Looking forward to: our appointments next week :)

I hope everyone has a great day!


18 Weeks!

Hello friends!

18 weeks already!


Such a huge difference from last time.

18 weeks

I have been having horrible hip pain this week, so bad sometimes that I can’t fall asleep right away. I’ve been trying to walk more and stretch before I go to bed and it seems to be helping. I’ve also been slightly less emotional than I was last week, thank goodness!


We’ve been throwing baby names around, and I think we are set on a boy name but the girl name is still up in the air. I don’t know why but I have been having the worst time thinking of girl names that I like. We find out what we are having in 17 days, then we can really start locking down a name. Or we can be like my Twinsie and not finalize the name until we actually see the baby!

Speaking of which, some exciting news, Erin had her sweet little baby boy last Wednesday. I totally called it too! Little baby Theo!


I just want to squish him! Hopefully we can make it down there sometime in October to visit. I would also like to visit my sister in school, so that would be the perfect opportunity to do both! Well I think that is all I have for this week! I should start writing my weekly posts earlier in the week. By the time I get to the weekend I have forgotten most of the stuff that happened earlier in the week (preggo brain).


Spark notes version:

How far along? 18 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes I love my new clothes
Stretch marks? On the ladies
Symptoms:  Hip pain, it has been awful. Some round ligament pain and a few occurrences of heart burn. Not too bad though.
Best moment this week:  Going to Sarah and Joey’s wedding! And ERIN HAD HER BABY!
Miss Anything?  BEER. This will never change
Movement: So last week I said I felt the baby move, but I’m not so sure. Sometimes I feel like something is moving around in there, but other times nothing.
Food cravings:  cheese fries…. Still haven’t gotten any.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Random things make me feel queasy.
Have you started to show yet:  oh ya!
Gender prediction:  17 days until we find out!
Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out? inny
Mood:  happy and tired!
Looking forward to: Kelly and Ty’s wedding this weekend!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Sarah and Joey get married!

Hello friends!

10628454_10102818729809723_3269957039937597520_nThis past weekend my good friends Sarah and Joey tied the knot, surrounded by their friends and family with amazing weather and a beautiful backdrop.

10671364_10102818730862613_2867915169238374066_n 10632871_10102818730942453_4654313496659410553_nOh man these two! I love them so much. Sarah was the receptionist at my previous job and Joey was one of my coworkers.  As soon as I got to know Sarah I knew her and Joey would be perfect for each other. The problem was that neither of them wanted to admit it for the longest time.  10689747_10102818729645053_5392352615715974304_nI had many heart to heart conversations with Sarah before the two of them actually started “officially” dating. I’m not going say that I am responsible for bringing them together, but you can read between the lines. :) 10685610_10102818729719903_4588571486795521442_nWe dressed Liam up in his finest wedding gear, and took tons of pictures

10653808_10102818729350643_5922033740697773356_n  And yes the bus also attending the wedding.10665207_10102818730987363_7084197285445107906_n My friend Rose took some pretty awesome family pictures for us.

10632711_10102818730228883_4709416274783290174_n To include my very favorite picture of Liam and I.

10653879_10102818730702933_1212491838225668437_n I realized that I did not take a single picture with Sarah and Joey!!! WHO DOES THAT?! I did however, take a picture with my other two favorite people from my last job, Kim and Rose.

10626463_10102818731112113_6189160383011696665_nWe all had a great time and Liam enjoyed watching everyone dance. I tried to get him to dance but he was sooooo exhausted that he just wanted to be held the entire night. 10665176_10102818731646043_2253761968760135041_n10653462_10102818731481373_7101711712234856363_n Thank you Sarah and Joey for including us in your special day! Have a great honeymoon!


Wreaths Across America – Decemer 13th

Hello friends!

My coworker and I are coordinating a fundraiser through our company for Wreaths Across America, and would like to ask for your help! wreath

Remembering Our Fallen – One Wreath At A Time

Wreaths Across America is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring fallen veterans and their families by placing wreaths on the graves of servicemen and women who have been laid to rest in cemeteries across the country. As a company that has worked both personally and professionally with the hard-working members of the Armed Services, this is a unifying cause that hits near and dear to the hearts of many Praxis Engineering employees on both sides of the river.

This December we have the opportunity to donate our time and money in order to support this worthy cause. Praxis Engineering is collecting donations to sponsor as many wreaths as possible. To get involved, please consider sponsoring a wreath (every $15 equals 1 sponsored wreath). Our goal is to donate 300 wreaths; any assistance to help us reach our goal will be greatly appreciated. No donation is too big or too small. Every dollar counts!

In addition, Praxis Engineering is forming a group to travel to Arlington National Cemetery on December 13th, 2014 in order to participate in Wreaths Across America Day, where teams place the sponsored wreaths on graves of the fallen.  If you would like to donate your time to this event, we would also greatly appreciate it – the more the merrier!  Let’s show all of our veterans how we feel and that we will never forget the sacrifices they’ve made for our country.

Please share this message with friends, and join us in letting our fallen know that we will never forget. Thank you for your time and consideration!

If you are interested in donating please visit this website to donate to our team. 

Thank you in advance for your support!


17 weeks!

Hello friends!

I am 17 weeks as of Sunday and feeling pretty good!IMG_6422Actually, I feel so good I am in full nesting mode ALREADY! Looking back on my last weekly update post for 17 weeks, it seems like nesting hit me around this time too. Erik was gone this past weekend at David’s Bachelor party and I took the opportunity to paint a few rooms. On Friday night I finished the last two walls of our room and Saturday morning, my cousin and mom came over to move the furniture back and lay the rug down.

IMG_20140906_092141_nopm_I need to find something for the space above our bed but I am still pinteresting ideas. Saturday night Katie came over to help me paint the hallway. We really had an awesome time, oh and she brought me a frosty (I love her). Twinsie (Erin) helped me pick out this front console table:IMG_20140907_095645_nopm_I lurve it. So yes, I painted and put together a console table (screwed the legs on) this week. I also started feeling our little nugget move.

IMG_6424It’s not a constant movement yet but I definitely feel him/her move after I eat something really sweet. It is still just as exciting the second time around! Also this week, I had a typical emotional pregnancy meltdown. Erik and I were watching Guilt Trip, and if you have ever seen it you might understand why I got so emotional (probably not), but anyway, it was at the end of the movie where it gets all sappy and the mom says how much fun she has had with her son and how he loves her and blah blah. Well I started crying… Like legitimately devastated that Liam was growing up. Similar to this little girl:

Poor Erik, he really is the best. I got over it in about 20 minutes, and then started laughing about it, but it was pretty bad at the time. Okay now I sound like a mental patient. Awesome.

17 WeeksOther than that instance of being insane, I’ve been doing pretty well (perhaps the people around me, especially at work, have a different opinion, but I’m trying to keep it together!). OH YA, I almost forgot. That table I ordered from Target for our front foyer, well I shipped it to our old house. Saturday morning I realized that the delivery confirmation said it was delivered Friday night at 4pm. Well it wasn’t sitting outside our front door, so I checked the shipping address and realized that I was in fact an idiot and had sent it to our old house. Luckily, we live pretty close to our old house so I went over there and picked it up. But man was I freaking out.

Okay enough rambling for today!

Spark Notes Version:

How far along? 17 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes finally cool enough to wear some of my new clothes!
Stretch marks? nope
Symptoms:  Ugh my hips and lower back have been KILLING me
Best moment this week:  Totally not baby related, but the HOKIES win over Ohio
Miss Anything?  Beer. That is all.
Movement: Yes! I feel little movements!
Food cravings:  Chocolate Chip cookies, warm ones
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really
Have you started to show yet:  Oh ya
Gender prediction:  Girl all the way.. We find out in 24 days!
Labor Signs: nada
Belly Button in or out? In
Mood:  Happy
Looking forward to: Decorating Liam’s big boy room

Have a great day everyone!


Liam’s big boy room plan

Hello friends!

Last week I said I had a pretty good idea how we were going to set up Liam’s big boy room. I did some measuring and researching and I’ve finalized what it’s going to look like.  Liam is really into Trucks and Buses (in case you didn’t know), so that is the theme we are going to go with.  Here is the general layout of the room, ignore the print of the rug. We plan on starting the purchasing/decorating sometime in November (I think).

floorplanIt is a pretty big room so there is a lot of room for him to play. The rug we decided on is this awesome rug from AmazonrugHe is going to love that rug so so much. We are going to take the big boy bed apart and put it back in the basement and buy another crib.  I didn’t want spend an arm and a leg on another crib so we decided to go with this one from Ikea.

cribOnce he learns to climb out of it (which could be soon.. eek), the front panel comes off and it turns into a low toddler bed!

toddlerbedPretty sweet. We will probably keep that in his room until the new baby needs to move to a toddler bed then set the twin bed up in Liam’s new room. The little blue square under the window on the right hand side of the room is this table, all from Ikea

tableand two or three of these chairs.

chairsThe grey rectangle on the left hand side of the room is his dresser.

dresserWe will be painting it the same color grey that we painted the twin bed frame. The long rectangular shape under the other window is my favorite shelving unit from Ikea.

bookcaseI only wish they had it in grey. I still need to look for wall decorations but now that I have a theme for the room finding the decorative pieces shouldn’t be too hard.

Let me know what you think!

Have a great day!


18 month appointment at 19 months

Hello friends!

I hope you all are doing well. Liam had his very late 18 month appointment yesterday. His doctor was out recovering from knee surgery during August so we had to push his appointment back a month.

His appointment wasn’t until 10:20, so I got to spend the whole morning with him, playing with his trucks. We headed out the door about 45 minutes before his appointment, which ended up being a good thing because I had to turn around and get his shoes. I swear if my head were not attached to my body I would lose it, this pregnancy brain thing is much scarier this time around.  When we got there he watched the other little kids playing then eventually sat down and played with the activity block. 2014-09-02(2)I swear we waited 30 minutes before we even went back into the door. It was our doctor’s first day back, so I figured he was really busy. Luckily, Liam brought his “truck n’ bus” to keep himself entertained in the room while we waited. I obviously and shamelessly took some diapie tuck playing pictures.

20140902_103346 20140902_103238 2014-09-02(3) 2014-09-02(4)We were in the room for probably another 20 minutes before he came in. We decided it was a good idea to stand on the chairs and look out the window at all the cars.

2014-09-022014-09-02(1)20140902_104140Dr. W came in, checked what he needed to check and sent us on our way. Well that’s not entirely true, we had to wait again for 2 shots.  After his shots, Liam turned to me and said “momma, sad, hurt bana”. In Liam talk that means “mommy that hurt and it made me sad, put a band-aid on it.” I wish I had gotten it on video because it was really cute. Dr. W said he looked really good and was impressed that he could understand and speak two languages (hooray!). I told him it was because we never stop talking to the poor kid.

I also told the doctor that Liam was going to be a big brother and that I was due in February, and he said that would work out perfectly so that Liam and the new baby could come in at the same time. Liam got his first Hepatitis A vaccine yesterday, and he said they needed to wait 6 months between the 2 shots. Six months puts us right at needing to take the baby in for his/her one month appointment (INSANE).  It will be nice that I only have to make one appointment for both kids. The less time I have to take off work for check-ups the more time I will have for next summer’s vacations!

Anyway sorry this post is all over the place, sort of a word vomit post.  Here are Liam’s 18 (aka 19) month stats.

Weight: 28 lbs 4 oz (75th percentile)
Height: 35 inches long (over 95th percentile)
Head size: 19.5 inches (85th percentile)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


16 weeks!

Hello friends!

How is it that I am already 4 months along!? Man time does fly by.  We have finally decided what we are going to do with Liam’s big boy room transition, but I feel like that needs it’s own post. Now we just have to get to Ikea to buy the stuff and start decorating.  I think we are going to hold off until around October to start putting him room together (mainly because we have 5 weddings to attend and buy presents for in the next month and a half!).

IMG_6411Look at how little and young I was two years ago. My belly is definitely bigger already. Looking back at pictures I don’t think my belly was this big until I was at least 20 weeks along last time!

16 weeksThis week, Patti and I went to the outlets (with the help of our personal shopper Ava) to buy some maternity clothes. I am pretty excited for all the things that we bought, too bad its 95 degrees in September right now?!  Hopefully things will cool down in the next week or two and I can start wearing all my cool clothes.

Don’t be fooled by these pictures, it was 90 degrees yesterday and I was miserably hot, but I HAD to wear one of my new outfits for my picture.

IMG_6416Everything hurts. Like seriously, all my joints and muscles hurt. I blame myself for not getting back into shape after Liam was born.  I was in such good shape last time that even though I gained a lot of weight I had muscles to support it.  This time, not so much.

IMG_6414  Reading back on some old posts I can happily say that I am far less emotional this time around. I don’t cry at the drop of a hat, which I am sure Erik is really happy about :).  I do feel like I am already starting the nesting phase. I just want to get all these projects done around the house, it’s making me crazy! There is a lot of painting that I want to finish up (don’t worry I have a mask).

I also think I’ve decided on a double stroller.  The Baby Jogger City Select in Teal. At first I thought I wanted the Britax B-Ready, but when I looked at more pictures I realizes that it didn’t have the most desired position, the infant car seat facing me and the child seat facing out. The B-Ready only offers options where the older child is basically sitting on the ground, behind the upper car seat. It is just bizarre.

strollerSo yes I want that one. Now I just have to start saving money for it! Perhaps I better start selling my photographs again. I will figure something out! I think that is all for now!

Spark notes version:

How far along? 16 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Purchased and wore one outfit yesterday because I wanted to.
Stretch marks? not yet
Symptoms:  None :) other than getting up to pee at night!
Best moment this week:  Going shopping with Patti and Ava
Miss Anything?  Yup.. Beer again
Movement: Sometimes I think I feel it, but nothing official yet.
Food cravings:  nothing! Weird right?
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Well sometimes just weird smells make me gag.
Have you started to show yet:  Ya I would say so
Gender prediction:  girl, most def
Labor Signs: nada
Belly Button in or out? inny
Mood:  Happy :) 
Looking forward to: Out 16 week appointment tomorrow!!! Hopefully I can schedule my 20 week ultrasound to find out what we are having!

I hope everyone has a great day!


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