20 Weeks!

Hello friends!

I will eventually be on time with one of these posts. Little (not so little) Quinny is 20 weeks old (as of June 20).

11659369_10103578919842803_2587069527869326832_nThis week has been a big week for little Miss Quinny. As you may have figured out from my last few posts we have been struggling with sleep. I am very tired all the time, and can’t seem to muster up enough energy to work out or cook dinner.

Well a few nights ago I decided I was going to start sleep training. We had a lot of success letting Liam cry it out, but this time it is a little trickier. Liam and Quinn’s rooms are across the hall from each other, so we have to find a balance of crying it out so we don’t wake Liam up.11168008_10103578901704153_9034604737585654899_n Thankfully, both kids are heavy sleepers and we have 2 sound machines. She woke up at around 11:30 and I was not having it, so I asked Erik to go in and just rub her back for a little while until she fell asleep again. He was in there for maybe five minutes rubbing her back before she fell asleep again! I was convinced she was going to wake up again in an hour but thankfully she slept until 2 am!  She ate, I changed her diaper and she fell back asleep, until around 4:30.  It’s the 4:30 wake up call that is killing me. I don’t think she needs to eat again at 4:30, but I also don’t want her screaming and waking Liam up that early.  I gotta figure out what to do.

20150620_095216Man it is a good thing she is cute! I am starting to think about feeding her solids, because she is getting increasingly interested in our food. I have no idea when it is going to happen but soon(ish) I guess. I have to order her high chair first. I do know that I am going to start with avocado this time around and bypass the rice/oatmeal cereal stage. 20150621_093436Alright friends that is all I have for you all today!

Have a great day!


19 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Little Quinny is 19 weeks old (as of June 13)

10984599_10103552158068613_1318120973168349671_nThis week she got her first pair of moccs in the mail.

20150608_173924 20150608_175136She looks so darn cute in them, I cannot wait to order a few more once she starts crawling and walking. Speaking of crawling…. I am totally convinced she is going to start crawling in the next two months.

20150611_180328Whenever she is on her tummy, she rolls around like crazy and has started scooting herself to her toys. I don’t know if I am ready for her to be mobile yet. Sleeping sucks, and I don’t know what to do. I can’t get her to sleep for more than 4-5 hours at a time. She will go to bed at between 730 and 8, and wake up around 1, eat then go back to sleep until around 4.  I think its the 4am wake up that is killing me. It is in the middle of a sleep cycle and as soon as I fall asleep I have to wake up again to get ready for work. It is slowly killing my soul.

2015-06-17I hope once she starts eating real food, she will be able to sleep longer and night. I don’t know how much longer I can stay awake…. It’s a good thing she is REALLY freaking cute :)

Well, that is all I have for you all this week. Please please send me some good sleeping vibes!


18 Weeks

I am so far behind with these updates, ugh I fail.  Most of them have already been written, I have just been lazy with editing and posting pictures. So here we go….

Little Quinny is 18 weeks old, and she is as adorable as ever!

11393236_10103539511018403_5887455687216651462_nSince I failed to do a 4 month update I will try and put some of her important four month stats in here. 11329928_10103528197755273_3922989284565025223_n She is officially sleeping on her tummy, but unlike her brother, is not sleeping through the night yet.

Screenshot_2015-06-10-05-58-46Screenshot_2015-06-09-20-35-15I am really at a loss as to what to do. I don’t think she is for official sleep training, but I might have to bite the bullet because I am exhausted. Maybe next week, sigh. For some reason, I feel really bad leaving her to cry… Maybe it’s because she is a girl, but her little cry is so so so sad, it kills me.

11392823_10103539530135093_7321199573257422397_nHer official 4 month stats are:
Weight: 13 lbs 6 oz
Height: 25 inches
Head size: 16.5 inches

Liam’s 4 month stats were:
Height: 25 3/4”- 75th Percentile
Weight: 16 lbs 12 oz- 88th percentile
Head Size: 17 1/4”- 90th percentile

Man he was so much heavier than she was at 4 months!  I don’t think she will hit the 16 lb mark by the time she is 6 months old!  Who knows! I might wait until her 6 month appointment to ask if we can let her cry it out, we will see how desperate I get in the next few weeks!

Alright that is all I have for you all today! Stay tuned for 2 more updates this week!

Have a great day!


17 weeks!

Hello friends!

Finally caught up! Quinny is 17 weeks old as of May 31, 2015.10454544_10103528159611713_5332339455601447637_nThis week she discovered her feet and has been LOVING them. She grabs them whenever she can, it is really adorable.

DSC_0370 11336792_10202907366405237_5392495574532927994_oShe has also officially hit her four month sleep regression and it really sucks. Thursday night she was awake once every hour. Needless to day Friday was really rough, for both Erik and I. We were so tired last night that we didn’t go to the movies to celebrate Erik’s birthday like we had planned on doing. We both knew we were going to fall asleep, so we sent my sister home and just hung out on the couch and watched baseball. Lame I know, but goodness I am tired. I will be asking her doctor if I can start letting her cry it out a little bit during the night because I really would like to get some sleep.

For her nap on Saturday, she ate and fell asleep, but as soon as I put her down she woke up ready to play. This happened twice and the third time I was like okay kid you are going to lay in your bed and fall asleep on your own.  Thankfully, she only cried/whined for 3-4 minutes before she fell asleep.  I have noticed that she likes to sleep on her side during the day. Not sure why, but hey I don’t really care as long as she is sleeping.  We did this for 2 of her naps on Saturday and it seemed to work out pretty nicely.  I don’t think I am ready to let her cry it out at night, but I will still ask.

Quinny took her first trip to the pool this week, and let me tell you, girl bathing suits are something else. AH I love it

11032203_10202907367205257_1638005024277582794_oToo bad she was asleep the entire time we were there…

11391479_10103512921593823_997323633779099942_nShe has her 4 month check up this week, so I will (hopefully) post her four month update later in the week. For now you can enjoy the many faces of Quinn, seriously she has the best faces, and her personality is shinning through more and more everyday!

DSC_0408 DSC_0385Alright friends, I hope everyone has a great day!11118045_10103528166143623_2825127075212767126_nCheers!

16 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Our little Quinny turned 16 weeks on May 23.

DSC_0250She is starting to get a little chunky; nothing like Liam was, but chunky in her own way. Her personality is also really starting to shine, as you can see in her weekly picture. 16 weeks1I haven’t talked about sleep in a while, because well things haven’t changed much. She is still waking up at least 2 times a night (ugh). I don’t even think she has hit her 4 month sleep regression yet… OY. I am not looking forward to that. She will be four months at the end of May. Super weird that at 16 weeks she isn’t 4 months old yet, but that is how life works. Napping during the day isn’t going any better. I think it has a lot to do with the way I feed her on the weekends. I have been nursing her on command on the weekends so she always seems hungry. I think I am going to start putting her on a schedule next weekend to see how that works out.

11012057_10103484581427743_8768458010081114197_nShe is still rolling from her back to her tummy, but not as often as I thought she would. I think she has done it about 2-3 times since the first time she did last week. She is getting a LOT better at hold her head up during tummy time, so I am getting a little less nervous about her sleeping on her tummy.

DSC_0302My mom is convinced she is already starting to teethe because her hands are always in her mouth and she is drooling like crazy. I remember Liam doing the same thing, and I don’t think he got his first tooth until he was 5 months. I will have to check on that. hmmm… I really hope not, I am not really ready to get bit again!

I will tell you that I am LOVING having a girl. I really love all the cute clothes I can put her in. It was a little chilling on Saturday morning so I put her in a thin long sleeve shirt with WHITE PANTS. LOOK AT THEM. omg, too cute.

11167851_10103483852313893_5353943015587134367_nIt will be really fun to start buying her shoes, and BOOTS omg the boots! I might need to get a second job in order to pay for all the things I want to buy her. Alright well that is all I have for you all today!

22125_10103484722584863_4594805081932513874_nI hope everyone has a great day!




15 weeks!

Hello friends!

I am way behind with Quinn’s weekly updates, so I will make this one short. Quinn turned 15 weeks on May 16.

11313067_10103473849404803_8562633846064363517_oThis week was a big week for Quinny. She rolled over from her back to her tummy!  She doesn’t know how to roll back over, and still isn’t doing well with tummy time so it makes me a big nervous.  Hopefully her time in the Einstein will strengthen her neck even more so she can hold her head up when she rolls over.

I am excited for her to roll over, because I want her to be able to sleep on her tummy in the next few weeks. Even though I will be a nervous mess when that happens, I am hoping that she follows her brother in that she starts sleeping through the night.

15 weeks1She also started really grabbing her toys and playing with them.

11251284_10103469678553223_3226115131750451511_nIt is really cute.  Quinn and Farrah had their first play date. I cannot believe how big Farrah is! She is three weeks younger than Quinn and makes her look like a little peanut!11150537_10103469677754823_2798309231315684819_nAh I love them! I hope they love playing with each other as much as their brother love playing.


Alright well that is all I have for you today. I hope everyone has a great day!



3 months!

Hello friends!

**This post was written the first week of May…. just got around to posting it now, oops***

Our little princess turned THREE months old at the end of April.


Time is really flying by. Quinn has been responding more and more everyday. She LOVES Liam and could probably watch him play all day.  His little face lights up when he talks to her and she smiles at him. “Mommy baby Quinn is smiling at me!”- ugh so cute.

20150423_184935They are going to be the best of friends. Liam is so kind and so sweet. This month she discovered her hands and has been chewing on them ever since. I’ve been trying to see if she will grip a toy to chew on, but she is not interested. She is also getting very close to rolling over. I cannot stand how fast time is flying.

20150508_185310Sleep has been alright, she has been doing a solid 7 hours of sleep for the past few nights and I am loving it. I’m waiting for her 3 month growth spurt, because I know that is coming any day now. She sleep pretty well during the day; well most days. We have had a few no nap days, but I guess that is to be expected.

She also hit the 12lb mark a few days ago! I cannot believe how much smaller she is than Liam was! Liam was 12 lbs at 2 months! She doesn’t have an official check up until the first week of June when she will be 4 months old, so we have to wait to see what her stats are. She is in full 3 month clothes and in size 2 diapers.

Welp I think that is all I have for this month. I am hoping to write her 4 month post as we go throughout the month so there will be more pictures :)

Have a great day!


14 weeks!

Hello friends!

Our little princess is 14 weeks old!

DSC_0255She is about the size of Liam at 11 weeks; which I guess makes sense because she was two weeks early and is a girl.

14 Weeks1But I really do miss Liam’s chubby little legs! I hope she starts packing on the pounds soon! I have noticed an increase in her appetite in the last few days, and she has gained half a pound this week, so we are moving in the right direction. Screenshot_2015-05-10-12-21-18

I will say, Quinn has the BEST facial expressions. Her duck face game is strong, and I love taking pictures with her.

IMG_20150508_190249_nopm_20150508_07083620150507_18523620150507_185157She has grown to be very chatty which is adorable. Sometimes when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she talks to herself. I don’t know when I am going to start letting her cry it out… I think we attempting this with Liam at 4 months and failed miserably, so I will have to read some of my old blog posts.

20150509_121938This week we started putting her in the baby Einstein and she seems to really love it. She has the same focus on her face that Liam had at her age.

DSC_0276 DSC_0278It seems to be helping her neck strength. Hopefully by next week’s post I will post some happy tummy time pictures! We shall see!

I hope everyone has a great day!


13 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Man I am really horrible at keeping up with my blog recently. There are so many things I want to write about but I never seem to have the time.  I will get to them eventually. I owe you all a 3 month update for Quinn and a 3 month weight loss check in; soon my friends.. soon.

For now…. Our little lady is 13 weeks old!

11200609_10103438888975783_5711267515688305436_nHonestly, time is flying by so much faster this time around. Most likely because we can’t dedicate 100% of our attention to Quinn.  I feel bad because sometimes I feel like I don’t pay enough attention to her… She is becoming more and more vocal everyday, so she lets us know when we aren’t paying enough attention to her. It is actually really cute. I have a feeling she is going to start talking even sooner than Liam did!

20150430_071325She is getting really close to rolling over, which is very concerning because she does not do well during tummy time.  She can hold her head up really well when she is sitting up or we are holding her, but when we lay her on her tummy she just screams and wants to roll back over. I think we are going to have to bump up the tummy time sessions to 4-5 times a day.

20150503_080443She is going to HATE it, but it needs to happen. I think she will roll over by the end of this month; look out mommy and daddy she will be crawling before we know it.

11038930_10103438890148433_282711059522261517_nAlright, well that is all I have for you all today.  Have a great day!

12 Weeks

Hello friends!

Checking in with Quinn’s 12 week post!

DSC_0254She has finally hit the 12 lb mark. I say finally because Liam hit that 12 lb mark at 2 months!

12 Weeks1She is eating and SLEEPING well! We even got three nights of seven hours of continuous sleep!  It was amazing.

We also started putting her in the bumbo this week to strengthen her neck even more.

DSC_0354She seems to like it a lot. We only keep her in there for a maximum of 3 minutes if that, but she likes it when she is in there. Tummy time on the other hand is meh at best. Liam tries to encourage her but she isn’t having it.

20150423_184935She does love her exercise  mat. It’s the same one we used with Liam but she seems WAY more into it. She absolutely loves the flashing lights and music. Liam was showing her all the different animals on it the other day. 20150423_184725 20150423_184612We are still loving our hands, and will put both of them in her mouth so far that she gags herself most of the time. What a goober

20150426_093611 20150426_093552 20150425_081612She also laughed for the first time this week. She has always done a half laugh/squeal thing but this was a real giggle. I can’t seem to get her to do it long enough to actually take a video of it, but I am sure I will capture it soon.

Let’s see what else…. OH YA! She is already trying to sit up! When we put her in the boppy lounger (which she hates by the way) she will use her core to pull herself halfway up. Picture a baby doing crunches, that’s what we have going on over here. Things are going to get interesting around our house verrrry soon!  I can’t wait!

20150425_170519Alright. I leave you with a cute video of our late night laughs!

Have a great day!


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