I’m Back

Hello friends!

Sorry I haven’t been around, but last week things were pretty bad over here.  After my surgery the meds I was taking were making me very sick.  At one point I thought it would have been better to go back to the hospital and get an IV.  I couldn’t eat anything and when I tried I couldn’t hold it in. But with the help of my family and my amazing wonderful husband I made fought through it and here I am.  I still have some pain in my shoulder, but I decided I am no longer going to take medicine for it, well the heavy stuff, I will probably stick to Ibuprofen for a while.  I have some pretty unflattering pictures of myself to share, but this is what I was doing all last week:

with baby Ella by my side on the couch we slept:

a lot.. my cousin also decided to join in on the sleep party

The day of my surgery I felt the best, when I still had the nerve blocker in my system:

I still look pretty pathetic:

I want to thank everyone who called, visited, texted, facebooked, and left comments here for me! You guys are amazing, and I am blessed to have people like you in my life :)

I also received a lot of pretty flowers :)

and yesterday we even went to a mini pumpkin patch to get some mini pumpkins :)

Oh ya, and I tried those Trader Joe’s mac and cheese balls:

They were amazing :)


Thank you all again, I go to the doctors later today to have my stitches removed!  If the pictures aren’t too horrible I will post them tomorrow!


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I’m Back — 9 Comments

  1. Glad that your feeling a bit better! Get lots of rest! :)
    Those are nice flowers!!

    Whaaatt?? Trader Joes has Mac N’ Cheese balls? Oh my gosh those sound good! I wish there was a Trader Joes near where I live..I’d be running there right now to get some of those mac n cheese balls!

    • Thanks :).. ya those mac and cheese balls were life changing :) I would send you some, but they are frozen and I think they would go bad before they got to you :(

  2. Wow, I can’t even imagine how difficult it’s been! I’ve never had major surgery before, but you seem to be doing pretty well despite all the crazy drug effects. And who wouldn’t want the company of an adorable dog! Seriously – so cute! I need to try mac and cheese balls. That sounds like heaven. Good luck at the doctors!!

  3. awww a mini pumpkin patch!!! I like :)

    You’re looking really good Shmeee yaaay!

  4. Look how cute those mini pumpkins are! I really need to step up the fall decorations in my apartment. Glad you are feeling better girl. I can’t even imagine going through all that ugh!

    • I would have gotten about 5 more mini pumpkins but I just don’t know where I would put them, they are so darn cute I just can’t get enough.

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