MRI Results

….3 hours of waiting in the doctor’s office.. only for her to tell me what I had anticipated… I need surgery…………

She walked into my room and said usually MRI’s don’t detect labral tears unless they are really big…. (looks at me).. unless they are realllllly big.. awesome thanks….. Not good news.

The labrum in my shoulder was torn completely in half on the front side… *ouch*, no wonder I am in so much pain.

She says it is an outpatient surgery, 1.5 hours, in and out.  They do the surgery while I am sitting up, which is why they have to knock me out.  Week 1 I will be in a sling, unable to reach or do anything with the arm really.  Week 2, the stitches are removed and still I am not allowed to do anything..slash will not be able to do anything…

7-10 days after surgery I will start physical therapy again.. for FOUR MONTHS. Yup you read it correctly… no 10k for me!?>!?!? really I have only been training and looking forward to this race for 9 weeks *hats off to you old lady for crashing into my car*.

Oh yes, for the first two weeks I must also sleep sitting up… barf.

Sorry for the negative post, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.

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MRI Results — 2 Comments

  1. Awwwwwww :( Poor Shmishmy!!!!!

    We must make deliciousnessss to make you feel better!

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