P90X is Dangerous!

Well for those of you who don’t know, last week, Erik and I were working out in our basement, and Erik slipped on a towel and fell on his jaw. We went to the ER, and they took a CT scan, and we found how he fractured his jaw *sad*. He also had a “second mouth” as I like to call it, on his chin. He got 15 stitches, on that, and we went to the oral surgeon the following morning to figure out what we were going to do about his jaw. They told us he had to get his jaw wired shut for 2-4 weeks.

We were heavily debating this for various reasons, until he told us a story about a guy who came in with a fractured jaw, and decided not to get his jaw wired shut. Long story short, he ended up coming back a few days later in excruciating pain, and when they looked at the new scan, he had completely broken his jaw, and was now misaligned. After hearing that story we decided to go ahead with the surgery and get his jaw wired shut.

He was in pain for a few days, but other than the fact that he can’t eat solid foods, he is doing really well. I have been making some yummy soups, so if anyone has any soup recipes they like to share please send them my way. He has an appointment this Wednesday, so I will update after the appointment.

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