Ella is settling in

Hello friends!

Yesterday was a less than stellar day around these parts. The weather sucked and I had a really crummy day.. Until I got home… the rain stopped, I went to Trader Joe’s and instead of getting the chocolate croissants that I so desperately wanted, I got these beautiful flowers to brighten my day :)

I also decided to put the rug back in the nursery complete with squishy rug pad :)

I love this room so much! I think Ella is starting to warm up to it too.

The icing on the cake last night.. my hubby came home early to cheer me up, we took Ella for a short walk, then headed to the gym :)  Since we didn’t go yesterday, I decided I was going to do both Monday and Tuesday’s workouts, but cut out the cardio in both.  I am so glad I went, it really helped my overall mood.

Today should be better! I have a dinner date with a good friend of mine, and tomorrow my friend Kelly is coming to stay with us for the weekend!  Top it all off… T-minus FOUR days until we find out!!! This week is really looking up!

I hope everyone has a great day!


How do you overcome crummy days?

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