I have tire issues

Hello friends!

I am feeling rather unmotivated to write a real post today because on my way to work this morning I ran over one of these little guys…

yup a giant bolt in my tire.. ugh… So after spending 2.5 hours sitting in the dealership waiting area, I am happy to report that I have a new tire on my car.  Best part, when I bought my car, I decided to spend the extra dollas on a tire and rim warranty.. Thank goodness, it saved me about $350 today.

I have the worst luck with nails in tires.. with my old car it happened 3 separate times in a span of 3 weeks, unreal.

I leave you with a “mom” picture of me and my new diaper bag :)

dorky I know :) but I do love my new bag.. :)

Have a great weekend!!!


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