Target=black hole

Hello friends!

Ahh Wednesday, welcome. Today is my friend Sarah’s birthday

Isn’t she so cute :) We haven’t decided where we are going to take her for lunch.. but she has until noon to decide 😉 *hint* *hint* Sarah.

Yesterday I went to Target during lunch…


Every.freaking.time. One thing I didn’t NEED to buy yesterday.. but I did anyway because it was just sooo stinkin cute

I love the little elephants :) In case you haven’t picked up on it.. Elephants are the theme of our nursery :)

I started to add a little color to the nursery too

I couldn’t find the big size of this color for inside that bookcase at my target, so my awesome twinsie Erin, went to her target and got them for me :) I’ve also picked out some other colorful things and put them on our registry.. these for example :) the curtains


I ordered some fabric swatches, and once they come in I can maybe start ordering the bedding.. It is still a bit early but I want to get at least one set of sheets so I can see what the completed nursery looks like :)

At Target I also got some baby hangers, and went through the baby clothes again and starting sorting and hanging them up. And I came across one of my favorite onesies…

ahhhhh I love it.  I hope we get invited to a wedding next year so he can wear this.. or maybe we will just go out to a fancy dinner. :)

I hope everyone has a great day! Halfway through the week people!! We can do it!


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