What a weekend!

Hello friends!

You guys are too sweet :) thank you for the wonderful comments.  I warn you this post will contain a lot of pictures and might be a bit long.

Let’s see.. Friday night we went over to Lejia’s house for a birthday/mother’s day BBQ.  I took pictures with my DSLR and I haven’t had a chance to get them onto my computer. But my mommy brought me an awesome birthday present!

NINJA!!! I love this thing, we made our first smoothie on Saturday morning before we headed to the gym, delish. After the gym, we took my mom out for an early Mother’s Day brunch at First Watch in Fairfax.

My momma is the cutest :)

My plate was aaaahmazing

my sister and I got the same thing

Erik got the eggs Benedict with smoked turkey and avocados.

and I didn’t take a picture of my mom’s dish which is sad because hers was probably the best one. It had a wonderful pesto sauce on top of the eggs! After brunch we went to my mom’s house to give her the cake pops we orders from a friend’s neighbor at work, and to hang out a bit before we headed back home.

I am happy to say that I did not have any of these (yet, ha).   We went home and caught up on Smash before heading to the DC Improv to see GODFREY (another task on my 101 list!)

Then we went to Rumors and danced the night away!

Sunday morning we went over to Erik’s parent’s house where Anya made an amazing Mother’s Day brunch.

Then we went home cooked up some stuff and headed back to their house for my mother in law’s birthday/Mother’s day dinner.

All her kids chipped in money to get her a stand mixer for her birthday

The weekend ended a bit on a sour note, because although we won both of our softball games, I sprained my ankle :-/

But really other than that, this birthday weekend has been amazing!  I do however, need another weekend to recover from this one.. perhaps next weekend!

I hope everyone has a great day!


What did you guys do for Mother’s Day?


Hello friends!

Thank you all so much for wishing my happy birthday :) I had an amazing day. I know and have always know that I have an amazing group of friends and family, but yesterday I was humbled by the generosity and kindness of each and every one of you.  I am so lucky and truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. I read all of your comments and facebook messages and each one of them brought me immense joy. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And now for some pictures of my day :)

My office bought me ice cream cake.. Don’t worry there was nothing left approximately 1 minute after this picture was taken.

My sister came over and surprised me with flowers

a hilariously awesome balloon


and some un-pictured Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike bars :) I love you sissy!

Then we went to dinner with my awesomely amazing friends,

Fun presents and fun cards (not pictured)

and the icing on the cake (literally), my very sweet sister in law made me a birthday cake. Thank you Anya!!!!

It’s going to be a great year!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


All I ask for today, is that you take a minute to step back from everything that is going on around you and realize how much you are loved by all of your friends and family.  Because honestly for me my friends and family have and will continue to be the most important aspects of my life. I love you all. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives!

27 here I come!

Hello friends!

I had such a wonderful night last night and today is already shaping up to be another amazing day!

Yesterday when I got to work, my friend Rose gave me an early birthday present.

Aren’t they beautiful!? I am wearing them today :)

As I mentioned yesterday we went out for happy hour! We started out the evening outside

then it slowly started to rain so we decided it was best to move our party indoors, and I am so glad we did because it started pouring about 30 minutes later.  A few of those then for my last drink of the night I had this amazing margarita

with a lightening bolt, ha. I finished mine a little too quickly, it was that good.

I obviously drank Rose (her drink on the left) under the table… ha jk.

To top off the night I got to watch the Caps WIN with my amazing hubby! It was a fabulous night!

This morning I got to work and saw this on my door from Shannon :)  I don’t know if you read my blog but THANK YOU :)


I love my new top! Sarah bought me the exact same top in CORAL! It is going to be a great day!

I am so excited to see what awesome adventures 27 has in store for me!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Let the shenanigans begin

Hello friends!

Here we are on the eve of my 27th birthday and I have already started it off with a bang.  Last night’s dinner was as always spectacular.

I followed my own advice from the last time I made it and added garlic and spices to the meatballs. SO GOOD!

Also last night after watching an awesome episode of Glee, we were getting ready for bed (ella was already ready for bed)

and I found this under the covers

!!!!!!!! An early birthday present from my hubby!!! My very first zoom lens!!! I cannot wait to try it out this weekend! He is the best, but we already knew that.

Tonight we will kick off my awesomely long birthday weekend celebrations! I used to hate having birthdays during the week, but now I realize it just means we will be celebrating it longer than just one day. hehe.

Tonight after work I am going to happy hour with these fools :)

Hopefully the Caps will win tonight to put icing on my early birthday cake :)


I hope everyone has a great day!


No question today, just be happy and give someone a hug! (sorry I get sappy-er around my birthday)

Wrapping Up Week 4

Hello friends!

I have a little pep in my step today because we went to the gym this morning and completed the last leg workout in week 4.  One more workout and we can finally more on to phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer.  It seems like I started this program forever ago, and well it was. It has been such an on again off again program for me, but I am really going to try and finish the last 8 weeks strong!

We have also been eating better!  I did have a few chips and guac yesterday at work, but I held back. It could have been worse ha.  This week is going to be particularly hard because it’s my birthday week, mother’s day weekend, and our other friend Hyojon’s birthday.  Man this weekend is going to be jam packed, and I cannot wait!

Last night I made turkey burgers, baked beans and corn on the cob. Some of the burgers were a bit too thick, so next time I think I definitely need to cut them in half.  Also I used an onion soup mix packet, which was good, but I still think it needed some garlic, so will be adding that next time as well.

Sorry that isn’t the prettiest picture but you get the idea. It was fantastic. Tonight I am making A Clean eating magazine recipe that I have made before and LOVED; southwest meatballs.

I realized last week that I love putting recipes on my blog, #1 because I love it when other people make them, and #2, I love looking back and getting cooking tips from myself. haha. If that makes sense.

Ah well it makes sense to me, ha. I guess that is all I’ve got for today, we will be finishing up week 4 tomorrow and starting week 5 on my birthday :) WOOT!

I hope everyone has a great day!


What else can I put into my turkey burgers?

Cinco de Mayo and other weekend happenings

Hello friends!

Thank you all for your thoughts on my post last Friday.  I am happy to report that I have been doing well with moderation.  I did indulge a bit this weekend, but it could have been worse.  I stopped myself a few times from going overboard, and today I feel great :)

Thursday night Patti and Ramsey came over for dinner.  I made the Thai coconut curry soup for them, and they loved it.  I have absolutely no photos from dinner, but it was good.  After we ate we played a short game of Mad Gab (if you have never played before, you should, it’s amazing), then we talked about their upcoming trip to Ireland :)  Erik and I went to Ireland for our honeymoon, and had a great time so we wanted to share some “insider” information with them.  It was great to relive our honeymoon, and they have been tempting us to go with them again this summer… I wish…. Great night!

Friday night we went over to Lejia’s house for dinner and drinks.  She made some amazing chicken kebabs, brussels sprouts (my first time ever having them), and sangria.


Saturday after cleaning the house up a bit, we had Erik’s family over for some Cinco de mayo celebrations.

Ha, my best friend’s mom put this graphic up on facebook and I thought it was funny.

I was so busy cooking that I didn’t have any time to take pictures of the food I made.  But there was lots of it.  I made some Lime-Chipotle chicken quesadillas, Chicken Chimichangas, and Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tamalitos


Everything was amazing!  I’m sad I didn’t take any pictures, you will just have to take my word for it.

Sunday morning, Erik had a football game, so I got up at the same time and headed to the gym :) It felt good to sweat.  I was there for a little over an hour, then headed home and got read to go shoe shopping :) I got two pairs of shoes

and another pair I will put up next time i wear them, ha. We needed some serious refueling after our shopping adventure so we headed back to Erik’s parents house to use their new Ninja to make some smoothies.

Strawberry banana love :)

We decided that next time we go to Costco, we have to get a Ninja, smoothies in the summer are going to be amazing.

ahh another fantastic weekend under my belt :)


What is your favorite thing to put into a smoothie?


Hello friends!

So I had another cake pop yesterday and it got me thinking that I need to be more disciplined about what I put into my body.  I see myself spiraling back into my old unhealthy eating habits and I really need to put a stop to it before I gain my 30 lbs back, no thanks.  I will admit that since my car accident I have gained about 10ish lbs, and I am not happy about it.  It is time to change.

I was watching an episode of Dance Moms: Miami (I know I have been sucked into the show), and each week they have a lesson, and they base their routines on those lessons.  Well as you can imagine this weeks lesson was about discipline.


I can do it, I know I have it in me because I have done it before.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself how unhappy I was nine years ago, before I took control of my eating habits.  I will not allow myself to go back to that. So this is my pledge to you and most importantly to myself, that I will gain control again and get back to clean eating!


That is all, sorry for such a heavy-ish topic on a Friday, but I needed it, so I wrote about it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Do you have a hard time with self discipline/self control?

Sports run my life

Hello friends!

Looks like all of you agree that #1 my sandwich was the bomb.com, and #2 pirate parties are amazing especially when the pirate is as cute as Ian!

Onto the topic for today… I have a problem, I allow sports to run my life, emotionally and physically.  The physical aspect is obvious, I love playing sports and I feel the best when I am part of a team.  I have been playing softball since I was 10 years old, ya that is almost 17 years ago! I have always been emotionally vested in every single team I have been a part of and I think that is why I let professional sports effect me so much.

I played softball in college, and I loved most of the ladies that were a part of the team.  We won a lot of games and we were even National Champions :) I am so happy that I was able to include softball in my college career.

My love of professional sports started in high school when I started watching professional football, but never really took off until I went to college and I feel head over heels with watching the Hokies play.

I would go through the week looking forward to the Saturday afternoon or evening games,

Honestly during football season, I was either at Lane Stadium or in front of the tv watching unreasonable hours of football.

I guess that is the reason why if the Hokies lost (which was rare), I would be in a terrible mood until the following weekend.


Sadness was painted on the faces of almost every student on campus the Monday after a Hokie loss.  That shirt isn’t lying when it says we are a town with a football problem.

Also during this time I made the mistake of also falling in love with the Redskins.  We have been to a couple of games, and they are just a frustrating team to watch… They have a lot of talent, but somehow manage to fall apart with it comes time to play.

After I graduated from Tech and moved back home, I started watching Professional Hockey, and once again fell in love with another Washington DC team, the Washington Capitals.  Hockey is probably one of the fastest, most intense sports I have ever watched, and I love it!

The Caps are in the second round of the playoffs right now.  They lost their first game against the NY Rangers (which inspired this table flip picture)

but on the second one!

(this picture was taken for Diana after we scored our first goal last night)

But last night the Caps lost last night and I have once again let it bring me down!  *shakes fist* Ella wasn’t too trilled about the triple overtime loss either.

I want to know, are you guys emotionally vested in sports teams? Do you let it effect your everyday life? or am I just crazy?

I hope everyone has a great day!



Hello friends!

Before I get to the pirate party pictures, I thought I would make you guys hungry again :)

mmmmm so good.  I made this with Trader Joe’s Three Seed Honey bread. Luckily I have some more deli meat left from Monday so I will be replicating this sandwich again for lunch!

Back to the pirates :)

On Sunday we went to Hugh and Shera’s house for Ian’s third birthday party.  Hugh and Shera did an amazing job, they even built a ship and painted it for the cake!

They are amazing. Here is birthday boy Ian, with the pirate hat I made him (Erik’s Idea :))

He is such a sweet little boy!

and super silly.

Hugh and Shera

Ian and his brother Walt :)

And there was a pirate ship piñata,

and after all the kids took two turns each, Erik stepped in to help out, and of course Hugh gave him a hard time about it

But eventually he broke through it

and all the kids scrambled to pick up the candy.

Even baby Wyatt woke up in time for the party

He was the cutest little pirate

We had a great time! Thanks Hugh and Shera!!!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!


mmm Bagels

Hello friends!

HAPPY MAY! It is finally my birthday month! Actually it is also Erik’s birthday month too, I am 19 days older than he is :) It is going to be a great month, I just know it.

Yesterday we had bagels at work, and since we went to the BBQ on Sunday I did not have a chance to go grocery shopping, so I had a bagel for breakfast and another one for lunch. I think the one I had during lunch wins for deliciousness.

Turkey, cheese, spinach, tomatoes, avocado, and cucumbers on an everything bagel. I could seriously eat one of these every single day. Would that be bad? le sigh.

Last night on my way home from work I stopped off at Trader Joe’s to get some food for the week, and I stumbled on these


So we had chicken tacos last night, and these were a really nice change from the plain or tortillas we always use. They were a bit spicier than I thought they were going to be, but it was good.

Nothing really new going on over here, I did attempt a new design for my nails, I am not sure if I love it. I think my nails are too short right now for me to love it, but let me know what you think. Here is the pinterest inspiration:


I also bought a dress for the vintage wedding we are going to in June :)


I absolutely LOVE IT, and I cannot wait to wear it! All good things!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Are you going to any weddings this year?- we are going to THREE!

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