Garden Talk

Hello friends!

Thanks for all of your input on my yarn wreath :) I think I am going to make either the blue one or the yellow one, it will be a game-time decision, maybe I will make both, ha.

Last night after I took Ella out for our daily stroll around the neighborhood I made some pesto chicken, green beans, and quinoa for dinner.

ah so good. I could eat that Pesto chicken from Trader Joe’s everyday if I had to, that and the quinoa. mmm mm mm.

I also walked around our yard and took some more pictures of the flowers we have growing back there. I really just love my camera and wanted to take pictures with it :)

I am actually really regretting not having a veggie garden this year :( I could go for some fresh veggies, but currently our veggie garden is overgrown with weeds. Tons and Tons of weeds. I think it would take me an entire weekend to prep the garden in order to get something to grow in there. Maybe I can recruit Luke to come over and help me pull weeds, he has expressed his love for weed pulling (not a joke, the man is crazy).  Knowing me I won’t do anything with this garden until next year.. or maybe the fall.. ah.. I am so indecisive.

Also before I sign off today, I wanted to wish my Twinsie Erin and hubby Brandon a very very very happy wedding anniversary! Married for 4 years today! Love you guys!!!!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Are you crazy like Luke and love to pull weeds?

Ideas for Summer Pinterest Challenge

Hello friends!

Remember back in March when Erin and I started our seasons of pinterest challenge? We made the Lima Bean wreaths

Well recently my lima beans have been falling off so  I need a new wreath, and when I started this post I wasn’t sure if I wanted another wreath, but the more I’ve been Pinteresting, the more and more I want to do this Yarn wreath…I have a LOT of unused yarn I can use for this. I would follow the Tutorial here...

Now I just have to figure out what colors I want to use…






 I am leaning towards, light blue or yellow.. seems more summer-y.. Thoughts?

I hope everyone has a great day!


Company Picnic

Hello friends :)

I hope everyone had a great Monday! I am FINALLY starting to get over this stupid cold, so naturally I am in a great mood today :) Honestly I haven’t been able to smell anything in over a week, and it is finally starting to come back. I’m stoked.

I mentioned yesterday that on our way back from UVa we went to my company’s picnic. It was awesome to see everyone outside of work and have Erik meet all my work friends.  I didn’t take my camera out until later on in the event, so I don’t have pictures of everyone we hung out with :(

We had a great time, and I am so glad we went!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Do you guys go to your company picnics/events?

UVa Alumni Weekend

Hello friends!

Does anyone else feel like they need a weekend to recover from their weekend? I feel like that is becoming a regular theme around here. This past weekend Erik and I went down to Charlottesville for his alumni weekend.

I will let the pictures do most of the talking.  The weather was beautiful :)

I am obsessed with archways.. OBSESSED!

We drove back Sunday morning and headed straight to my company’s annual picnic.. more on that tomorrow :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


What did you guys do this weekend!?

Wordless Friday

Hello friends!

Okay so this is not completely wordless but I have to some pictures to share from a few weeks ago. More from Mother’s Day and birthday celebrations.  I woke up this morning with my eye glue shut, thought it was pink eye.. went to the urgent care, turns out it’s not, whew.  I am still trying to kick this week old cold.. bleh, but I think I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel *knocks on wood*.

Cucumber feta rolls I made for Erik’s mom’s birthday dinner

Indoor Tulips

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Summer is here!

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having a great week!  Here it is.. part three of our jam packed memorial day weekend!

On Monday we went over to our friend’s Patti and Ramsey’s house for a pool party :)

Sometime after we had lunch the boys decided it would be a great idea to put a table in the water, and play beer pong.

it was a looooooooooong game

Most of the time was spent trying to keep the table balanced.

and once they got down to one cup they had to go into the deep end and tread water until they finished the game. Needless to say they got a pretty good workout in.  Us ladies did not participate.

We had a really great time :)


Jeff and Sara’s Wedding

Hello friends!

Erik says thank you all for the birthday wishes :)  We went out to dinner with my family last night to celebrate :)

Alright….back for the second part of our three part Memorial day weekend recap. Rewind back to Saturday………………..

We went to a beautiful country club for Jeff and Sara’s wedding :) Erik has been family friends with Jeff’s family since he was very little, and we had the pleasure to get to know Sara because she went to the best school on the plant… duh Virginia Tech :)

The beautiful bride and handsome groom!

The best man speech was seriously the best.

Sorry the pictures are so terrible, I am not really sure why they turned out this way :(

The food was amazing.

As was the cake

and the dancing was top notch :) We had a great time. Thank you Jeff and Sara for letting us be a part of your special day!


Happy Birthday Erik!

Hello friends!

Thank you all for your well wishes. I am feeling better. Friday was rough, I stayed home from work because I had a bit of a fever and decided I wasn’t going to continue the germ spreading.  This long weekend was jam packed once again, and I will fill you all in on the deets throughout the week. But today is my hubby’s birthday :) So I dedicate this post to him :)   We had a BBQ for his birthday on Sunday.

We bought a new crock pot in order to cook our 8 1/2 lb pulled pork.

Anya came over to make Erik’s birthday cake

while Ella chilled.

She is still super exhausted from this weekend.

because not only did Katie bring her roommate’s dog over to play

but we also went to the pool yesterday with Patti’s dog Shelby (photos tomorrow)

We had an awesome group of friends over on Saturday, thank you all for making Erik’s party so special.

Not sure what is going on here..

my cuzzy Neila, and her hubby Bob came too!!!!

beer drinking through a straw.. classy :)

Just want to point out for David, that in this picture he was staring at Erik’s belly… ha


The amazing cake that Anya made.. gluten free chocolate raspberry sponge cake :)

I failed at getting a candle for the cake so Erik had to fake blow them out.

I love you hubby! Have a great day!!!!!!!




Hello friends!

Man I cannot believe its Friday before a three day weekend and I am at home sick as a dog :-/.  Everyone in my office was sick all last week and the beginning of this week, so I knew in the back of my mind I was going to catch the bug too, but I was still hoping it would skip me! No such luck.  So here I am blogging from my couch praying that this sickness goes away before this weekend!

I just wanted to check in real quick and share a few eats from yesterday.

Snacky snack after work…

Yummy dinner :)

sorry for the short post, but I must get some rest!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.



Hello friends!

One more day until FRIDAY, and then its a 3 day weekend! Oh boy oh boy! Last night after dinner we watched Warrior. Has anyone seen it?!


I’m not really sure why I had initially put this movie onto my netflix queue but I am so glad I did! This movie was really good, very heartfelt (duh I cried), and very well written. It’s about two brothers who fight in MMA (mixed martial arts), one who is fighting to keep his family afloat and the other is fighting in honor of his friend who was killed in the war.  You should definitely watch it.

Onto yesterday’s eats :)

Bfast- 2 hard boiled eggs

snack #1- String cheese

Lunch- same salad as yesterday

Snack #2- 2 more turkey roll ups :)

Dinner- Grilled chicken and oven roasted veggies (squash, red onion, red pepper, and yellow pepper)

I love everything about these oven roasted veggies, all they have on them is 2 tablespoons of EVOO, salt and pepper. Roasting these veggies together combines all the sweet flavors into a side dish I think I could eat everyday!

I hope everyone has a great day!!! The sun is finally shinning here today! I hope it lasts!


What are your plans for the holiday weekend?!– My hubby’s birthday is on Tuesday, so we are having a birthday BBQ on Sunday!

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