Hello friends!

Happy Friday!!!! I am having a hard time walking today, and it is all due to my Day 32- Legs workout my hubby and I did last night.


Not really sure why I decided to go really hard and up all my weights, but I did.  And actually to be honest I am not as sore as I thought I would be, which is awesome because that means I am getting stronger!  I love it.  Before my hubs met me at the gym after work, I ran my fastest 2 miles to date, 17:59.  I know that doesn’t sound incredibly fast to you marathon runners out there, but it is my PR :)

Yesterday for lunch there was some delicious sandwich action

I used the leftover ham from our Snowshoe trip, and the awesome focaccia bread that David brought us form his bakery….. SO freaking good.

I could eat this sandwich everyday, and yes I had two of them. Judge if you want, it was worth it :)

Tomorrow is D-Day, well for me anyway, 7 miles, furthest distance everrrr.

Nervous? No not me… yes. I am. Sorry I look so scary in that picture, it was the best one I could find of me looking terrified/scared? I am a strange person. In preparation for my 7 mile run tomorrow, I will be doing a lot of this tonight

while watching this


Yup, I am pretty stoked about it :)  I read the book last year, and cannot wait to see if the movie lives up to the book :)

I hope everyone has a great Friday!  Tomorrow Lauren and I are also planning on going on a pretty sweet nature walk, hope this weather stays around for.ever. (Sandlot reference).


Big plans for the weekend?- nature walk, doggy park, and watching the commercials on Sunday (I LOATHE both teams playing in the super bowl).


Natural Illusion

Hello friends!

I will return tomorrow with my usual, workout/running banter, but I had to share this with all of you!

Here it is, my newest project:


I am in sooo love with it.  You can go to my new Etsy shop and order one for yourself :)  This one is ours, but I will be going out today and getting more frames.

Also, I will can make custom words, if you so desire; for example, your name, your last name, child’s name, other words, etc. You can shoot me an email at myrunningthoughts(at)gmail(dot)com.  I will be playing around with my etsy shop so that you can see all of the letter choices.  I am super excited about this project, I hope you all like it as much as I do :).

My etsy shop is still a work in progress, but I wanted to get this one up there so people can order them if they want in time for Valentines Day.  Hopefully by the end of this coming weekend, I will have the shop finalized.

Let me know what you think!

Have a great Thursday!


Feelin’ Like a Winner

Hello friends!

Oh man, next time I sleep in someone please remind me how amazing I feel after I get up and workout early in the morning!  Today I feel like a winner, and I feel like my coffee tastes better today, I know totally random, but it’s true.

I think my good mood today has a lot to do with my morning workout.  Despite the fact that I now hate running on the dreadmill, I completed my 4 miles in 38:20, not too shabby for a treadmill workout.  And as much as I would have liked to run outside later this afternoon, in 70 degree weather, I knew it would be nearly impossible for me to fit in 4 miles after work. Hopefully as the days get longer I will be able to run outside, either before or after work.  I get giddy just thinking about nice warm weather and longer days, please hurry up spring, I would like to put out my spring wreath already.


I am also back on track with Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer, I completed Day 30- Chest/Abs today.  I had to cut out some of the push-ups because of my shoulder, but I am happy with what I could do.  You can follow my 1/2 marathon training on my training page :)

Speaking of training…. I got an email yesterday about a pretty exciting opportunity to blog about my 1/2 marathon training.  The committee choosing the blogs for this project will begin their selection process at the end of this week, so keep your fingers crossed that my little blog is chosen!!!!!  I would be honored to be a part of this project!  I will tell you more about it at a later date, hopefully along with some good news.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Oh yea almost forgot, check back tomorrow for my latest Natural Illusions (you like the name for my new side business?) Frame. I will also be opening my Etsy store sometime this week too!  So many exciting things :)


Does working out change your mood?

Gleekin’ it up

Hello friends!

How was everyone’s Monday!? Has anyone else been looking forward to tonight Fox line up?


Yup, I cannot wait and have been anxiously anticipating this episode for weeks! I will most definetly be sporting my O.M.Glee shirt tonight.

that is after I go to the gym and run my 4 miles.  I had my doctor’s appointment this morning, so I slept in instead of going to the gym, that and I haven’t been feeling too well the past few days.  But I am hoping my excitement about Glee will propel me through the day and my run tonight.

I wish I had good news from my doctor about going snowboarding this weekend.. but I don’t… She told me those types of activities are better left until at least 6 months post-op, I just got to 4 months.  So there go my dreams of having some late snowboarding fun, until next year.  Sorry snowboard, you will have to wait another season to play…

I had a nice discussion with my doctor, which has helped me decide what to do regarding a lawyer/lawsuit.  Hopefully it will turn out for the best.

I asked her if I would ever get my full range of motion back, and she said no, she said she never wants me to because I will always have hardware (wire) in my shoulder that needs to be protected basically.  The wire in my shoulder is more rigid than my ligament, and because the ligament has been forever compromised the wire has been put into place to hold my shoulder in place.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, a year from now I will be able to do whatever I want, well mostly, I won’t be able to stretch my left arm as far back as I was once able to.  I also need to modify my lifting, at least until the anchors in my shoulder dissolve, which will be one year from now.  I cannot lift, or do any sort of pull down move with my arms at 90 degrees/in line with my upper body


I will need to modify it so that my elbows are at around a 45 degree angle away from my upper body.  Basically I just need to listen to my body and be in tune with the cues I get from my shoulder, if it feels like I am pulling the joint then I need to back off.  Obviously I will live, but to know that I will never have full range of motion again is frustrating.

I have obviously found other things that I love to do, example my photo project, and I think that is important when you are dealing with an injury.  I could sit around and mope while everyone else goes out and has a good time, but I just don’t want to.  The healing process is hard enough, I don’t need to sit around feeling sorry for myself, so I won’t.  You can find me outside with my camera taking pictures :)

I hope everyone has a great day!


What do you do when you are recovering from an injury?

Glee? Yay or nay?

Wonderful Weekend :)

Hello friends!

I am totally exhausted from this weekend!  We don’t usually go out two nights in a row anymore because well, it’s pretty expensive and I hate going out in the winter when its cold (call me lame I don’t care).  But the weather was really nice this weekend so we ventured out, if you read my post on Saturday, you know the story about Friday night, it was hilarious. Okay so it might be funnier to Erik, Richie, Alaina and I, but still :)

We spent most of Saturday morning cleaning the house/cars and doing laundry, but at around noon I decided I really needed to go out and do my long run for the week.  So I laced up my kicks

and headed out for my 6 mile run.  Once again I doubted myself, but at mile 4 when I was getting close to our house, Erik and Ella joined me, and that was the boost I needed to propel me to the finish!

Honestly, I was so proud of myself for doing it, 6 whole miles, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot to all of you runners, but to me other than my 10k back in October, that is the furthest I have run ever.  This coming weekend, 7 miles!

After our run, we met up with Patti, Ramsey, Luke and Allie at a restaurant I have been dying to try out.

I absolutely love the 90 min IPA, so I knew I had to go and try out some of the other beers they have.  I obviously got a 90 min as my first beverage of the night, then ventured on to try a new one, it had a good name ;)

It was good, BUT the lady failed to mention that the 12oz bottle cost $14!?!?! WHAT, I was pissed, it wasn’t THAT good, no beer is that good. But we are planning on going up to the actual brewery in Delaware soon :)  After dinner we headed to Arlington for a few drinks, met up with Richie, Alaina, Kristy and Katie, and had a really great time.  Our friend Kristy had been drinking for a few hours, and when we met up with her at Witlows she tried to haggle with the bartender for a few free drinks… well that didn’t go over to well for her.  She didn’t get her free drink, but she still had fun.  The bartender did however, make the four of us, Erik, Richie, Alaina and I a free shot. So thanks Kristy :)

Sunny morning Erik made some amazing breakfast sandwiches before we headed out to hang out with my family.  We ran a few errands, one of which included getting frames for my new photo project (I still need a good name for it), for now it’s called Letters in Nature.

Afterwards, we went to Tysons corner to try out an Indian Buffet that my mom recommended and ate entirely waaaaaaaaaay too much, which is why we decided to have this for dinner.

A giant cup of Froyo from Josie’s :) So I ate a lot, no big deal, it was a great end to a fantastic weekend!

What did you do this weekend??

Do you guys go prefer to go out or stay in?- most of the time we like to stay in and have friends over,  drinks at bars are way too expensive!


Is this thing supposed to be blinking?

Hello friends!

I know this is a rare Saturday morning post for me, but I am waiting for my Garmin to charge so I can go out for my 6 mile run.  In the meantime, I will explain the title of my post.

Last night we went out to dinner with Richie and Alaina.  We met up with them in Shirlington, at a place called Guapos.  This place was PACKED, and we had about a 40 minute wait, which always means an hour to an hour and a half.  45 minutes and half a giant margarita later,

Alaina turns to Richie and says, “Is this thing supposed to be blinking?”


Now let me explain what she meant, there is usually one single red light that blinks on these pagers to show that it is in fact working, well the one we had didn’t have a single blinking light.  So Richie went up to the desk to ask them about it…. well.. we were expecting him to simply ask where we were on the list of people. Instead he asks them the very same question Alaina asked him..”Is this thing supposed to be blinking?”  The lady just looked at him and said, “Uh yea when there is a table ready for you.”  hahaha.

Obviously she was not on the same page as Richie, he was talking about the single blinky light.. duh lady.

Anyway, he came back and told us the story and we could not stop laughing, it was and will be our newest joke :)  Love ya Richie!

Have a great Saturday everyone!!

Feel Good Friday

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is ready for the weekend, I know I am!  I don’t have much to talk about today, it’s been a rainy boring couple of days, and I am looking forward to some sunshine this weekend so I can get out and run outside instead of on the dreadmill. So I thought I would share some of my favs from Pintrest and around the interwebs.. Things that make me smile, and feel good :)

I love this movie and I would like to own this unicorn :)


Our first child will own this onesie.


I love this baby.


I don’t even like cats but this is cute.


Story of my life.. every single time.


Okay last one

Not really sure where this picture came from, someone posted it on facebook and I reposted it.. soooo. it’s hilarious, mainly because I love Boxer puppies :)

Oh yea, I also made a facebook page, sooo you can like it and you can follow me on twitter :)

I hope everyone has a great Friday :)


Share something that made you feel good today!


Dear Treadmill,

I hate you and your wicked moving rubber track, no really I do.  I love running, but you make it so hard to enjoy it.  Every single time we meet, you make my legs hurt, this time you have obviously irritated the inner muscle above my ankle, I am over you.  Okay so not really because it is still too cold and dark to run outside, but can we please stop meeting like this.  I would like to have a few painless meetings.. please? Thanks, I would really appreciate it.




Dear Winter,

You suck, please go away so I can run outside.

Yours Truly,


Okay seriously who else has a love/hate relationship with the treadmill? For now I will suck it up and run on the treadmill with my handy dandy pink laced shoes :)

I ran my 4 miles yesterday, but I am totally paying for it today.  The muscle on the inside of my right ankle hurts, I iced it last night, and I am taking the day off from running so hopefully that will help.

I had a pretty bang-o-rang sandwich for lunch yesterday.

We had a lot of leftover lunch meat from this past weekend at snowshoe, because we didn’t eat any of it, so now we must eat it, before it goes bad. No problemo, I love sandwiches (sorry the picture is awful) :)

It has been a long week, and I am ready for a nice relaxing weekend hanging out with some friends, hurry up Friday!

Have a great Thursday!


Runner’s High

Hello friends!

Yup, I have the bug again, that thing called the Runner’s High, it’s back.  I never really understood it, I mean I experienced it after my very first race, but it slowly faded, and I just ran because I liked it and I knew I had to in order to train for my half marathon.

But last night after work, I went to the gym telling myself, okay just start running and see how far you can go.  I wanted to run the 5 miles I missed on Saturday due to West Virginia’s lack of sidewalks and fitness centers, but I doubted myself.  I don’t know why I doubt myself, but hopefully someday soon I will believe in my running abilities, haha. I have 4 miles today, 2 tomorrow, and 4 on Friday before my 6 mile long run on either Saturday or Sunday, after this weekend all the long run distances are scary to me.  6.2 miles is the furthest I have ever gone, in my whole life, and that was back in October when I believe I was still high off of pain meds from my shoulder surgery.

I know I can do it, I can feel myself getting stronger.  The shorter distances, aka 3 miles, have gotten easier, I feel like I can run a 5k and maybe actually compete for a top prize (maybe), well that is my goal anyway.  I am planning on running 2 races before the actual half marathon in March, a 5k and another 10k.  I hope to improve on my times for both :)

I have been falling behind on my Jamie’s Eason workout plan, but I haven’t skipped workouts, okay I skipped a Leg workout a few weeks ago, but since then I haven’t.  Yesterday I did Day 26- Shoulders/abs, which is always a treat, haha.  And today marks the beginning of Phase 2, I am excited to start this phase because it seems that these workouts are going to kick things up a notch :)

I hope everyone has a great day, woot the week is half over!


I have no question today, soooo tell me something you are proud of this week :)


Hello friends!

Sorry I have been MIA from the blog world for a few days, we took a bit of a vacation and had no phone service (another task on my 101 completed).  I did take my laptop with me, but I was totally not in the mood to blog or be connected to the outside world, ha.  But I do have tons to share with you all today.  We drove up to Snowshoe, WV Friday morning

and arrived there at around 3:30 pm.  But not before I realized that I had forgotten my running shoes and I had planned on running 5 miles the following morning.  My awesome hubby got off at a random exit, which just so happened to have a Famous Footwear, woot!  I went inside and bought a new pair of my current Asics running shoe (in purple :) ).  Upon arrival Erik and I unloaded our car and headed up to the mountain to see if we could find Sunny and Diana.  It was windy and cold, but we walked around exploring for a bit before heading back to our “house”.

I was too busy working on my new project to take pictures of the house, or the food we ate, but really there was nothing much going on on the house or food front.  We had an amazing Korean meal on Saturday night, where we grilled Korean Bacon on an indoor grill, oh man it was soooo good.  Sunny and Diana did take some videos of our meal that night, so as soon as they send them out I will put them up here.

I woke up Saturday morning, and got ready to tackle my 5 mile run…. We went all the way up the mountain and into the information center to ask where the fitness center was and they told me they didn’t have one?! Excuse me, you don’t have a room in one of the lodges that has a treadmill and some weights?  WORTHLESS, no wonder all of you people are fat.  Sorry that was mean, but I was and still am very bitter about it.  There was nothing I could do, #1- it was too icy for me to run outside, and I was not prepared, and #2- there are no sidewalks up there.  There was no way I was going to run on icy curvy roads, no thanks, I like being alive.   So my entire day was spent sitting at the Starbucks in front of the fire reading my book.  At first I was not a big fan of this, but my book sucked me in and before I knew it, we were headed back down the mountain for food and a wicked awesome game of Catch Phrase.  I love everything about Catch Phrase, and because of my years and years of practice in college I am pretty good at it.  But I warn you, I do get a little sweaty, right Alaina? (we played the game at her Bachelorette party, it was intense).

Sunday morning was the same story, we headed up the mountain, after a delicious breakfast courtesy of Sunny, and I sat and read, while everyone else went snowboarding.

Aren’t they cute :)

I am happy to report that I did indeed finish my book, perhaps this year I will actually achieve my 12 books in 2012 goal.

Sunday night’s dinner was my lasagna creation, photo courtesy of Lauren

I made two huge pans of lasagna, and we managed to finish one of them between the six of us!  The other pan we took home and had it last night with my momma, sister and cousin.

Yesterday we drove home, unpacked, and headed over to my mom’s house to pick Ella up and have dinner with them.. but not before we discovered ANTS in our kitchen, and that our washing machine was leaking when we started a new load of laundry.  Welcome back from vacation, I guess… Needless to say I was not a happy camper this morning, when I had to spend my entire morning cleaning the kitchen and moving everything out of it.  I set up some ant traps, so hopefully that will remove our ant problem soon.

I plan on going to the gym after work today to run my 5 miles and do day 26 workout.  I will have to push my training back a bit, or take out some of my rest days in order to catch back up with my original schedule.

Other than my workout set back this weekend was amazing, and I am so glad to have gone with everyone :)

How was your weekend?

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