Lima Bean Wreath-Spring Pinterest Challenge

Hello friends!

Erin and I completed our Spring Pinterest Challenge this past weekend!

We used the idea of the acorn wreath and decided to use a different material (mainly because we could not find acorns this time of year), and we LOVE how it turned out!

Sunday morning after our wine & cheese party, we threw on a pot of coffee and started work on our project.  Please excuse our appearances we had just gotten up and didn’t want to shower and get ready, besides craft projects are better when you do them in your pjs :).

We gathered our materials

and got crankin’… first we took our 16” straw wreath and took the plastic off.

then got right down to it by gluing the Lima beans on.  Erin bought six bags of dried Lima beans.

at first it was all fun and games

but slowly we started getting sore, and tired haha, but we still had a great time :)

I will tell you this much, don’t be cheap like me and get a mini glue gun… get a REAL one…

You must work diligently.

At first we had thought we would only do one side of the wreath but as we got further into it, we thought we have come this far we might as well do both sides… so we did.

All done!

beans, up close and personal

Prepare a tree by breaking off unwanted limbs

Then take it outside and hang it on said tree

while your dog supervises

and you start spray painting the heck out of it.

and I mean really get in there

but made sure you only do thin coats so that the spray paint doesn’t drip.

make sure you don’t vandalize your own backyard, or your husband might document it..oops

and hang it up to dry and do a few more coats until it looks the way you want it to :)

I have yet to find a ribbon I want to hang it up with, but I am sure I will find one soon and show you a picture of the final final product.

Actually I could use some advice.. What color ribbon should I get?- I am thinking either, white, magenta, or brown….


I hope everyone has a great day!!


Wine & Cheese Party!

Hello friends!

Thanks for all of your ideas and suggestions for our spring wreath! Erin and I finished our wreaths yesterday, and I will post the details tomorrow!

We had such an amazing weekend, our friends Brandon and Erin were in down from Richmond and it was awesome. This post will contain more pictures than words, but everyone loves pictures so here we go, our first ever wine and cheese party (another thing off of my 101 in 1001 list, woot)

Erin and I made a sweet sangria for the party,

It was so fabulous! I am pretty sure Erin and I drank the entire thing :).  Lejia came over before the party and made cookies, we had planned on making the pinwheel cookies I posted about last week, buuuttt they didn’t really turn out that way. Instead she made delicious tie-dye cookies.

looks pretty :)

They turned out aweeesome sauce.

Erin and I made the bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, and wow these were the best poppers I have ever had.

Ella was ready to party.

So was Erin,

Lauren didn’t waste time with just one drink in hand.

Katie made a great fruit and cheese display

I only wish I had taken a picture of the table at the end of the night, here is it before,

Other than the deviled eggs, Erin’s Pecan Brie was the most popular item on the menu, it disappeared faster than the wine (and that is a tall order). I think I am getting better at taking pictures of food no? :)

How good does that look, I mean honestly!?

There was no shortage of meat and cheese at this party.

No shortage of happy people either :)

Luke was a bit skeptical

but then he lightened up.

and one little happy doggie….

well mostly happy, she was staring at the table to see if anything would fall her way.

no such luck little baby :)

Thank you to all of our friends, and especially Erin (lurve you twinsie, thank you for all of your help), who made this party one of the best parties we have ever had :) I love our friends!


Pinterest Challenge

Hello friends!

My twinsie Erin, friend Lejia and I are going to be starting a Pinterest Challenge. Erin read about this challenge on Young House Love, and we decided to start our own little group (Erin is working on the real Pinterest Challenge button, but for now because I am such an artist…).

We all seem to pin a million things on Pinterest but never actually get around to making them, sooo similar to the ladies of Young House Love, we will be taking on one new project each season. We will have one week to make the project and post about it.  This week since Erin is coming up to visit we will be having an arts and crafts day on Sunday :) Cannot wait!

For our spring edition we decided to make a springtime wreath, and I have been madly pinning wreaths that I like. I think we are pretty set on this wreath,


But we have been having trouble finding acorns so we have been toying around with different materials. I went and got my straw wreath yesterday.

Erin and I decided on the 16” one, the other ones seemed too small. The site where we got the tutorial had suggestions for other materials we could use.. like dried lima beans, but I realllly love the way the acorns look. Here are some other options, help us decide please!

I don’t really want to use these, but they are the right size.

These seem to be too big.

Pumpkin seeds…

Jordan Almonds…. (do these go bad? anyone know?)

If we cannot decide on a material to use, or if we can’t find acorns anywhere (it’s not lookin too good), we might make this wreath instead.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!


Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what we could use for our acorn wreath?

Wine is so divine

Hello friends!

Ha sorry for the lame-o title, I am in a cheery/dorky mood. Last night Erik and I went to Arrowine & Cheese to use my sweet Living Social deal and get some more things for the party on Saturday. We walked around for a good twenty minutes before choosing two wines we wanted to try out, get to the counter and the lady says that we can’t use the Living Social deal on wine. WHA!? Something about Virginia state law or something, bleh.

Back to the drawing board, we put one of the bottles back and decided to get some cheese, meat and what sounds like an awesome Jelly.

We did buy one bottle of wine, which we had intended on keeping for the party.

Yea that didn’t last, we drank the whole thing! Ha.

Oh well it was very good, and I know that we have some back up wines for the party. WOOT!

Sorry I can’t stop talking about wine and cheese, it will most likely come up a few more times before and after the party, but I will try and keep it under control, ha.

I hope everyone has a great day!


Have you ever been so excited about something you can’t stop thinking about it?- duh this happens to me all the time.

Come on Spring!

Hello friends!

I have been itching for springtime weather for a few weeks now, and I am hoping and praying that Monday’s cold weather was a fluke. I am totally ready for it,

Sweet new Revlon shade I got at CVS this weekend for 79 cents with some awesome couponing deals!

Ella has been ready for a while now, she NEEDS the days to get longer so we can take her for walks and play with her outside. She seems to be taking her energy out on her poor toys.

Ha, at least she isn’t taking it out on our furniture :)

All day yesterday I was dreaming about dinner, fatty I know, but we were planning on having fajitas and I was excited.  I am so glad they did not disappoint. I tried a pre-marinated steak from Trader Joe’s.

Soooo good, and there was plenty of meat in there for Erik to take to work today AND to put on top of my salad for lunch! WOOT, ahh the little things in life :). I sauteed some peppers and onion to go along with out fajitas/burritos.

The only fail… I forgot to buy salsa! Really?! Oh well, next time.

Hubs woke me up at 5 am today and dragged me to the gym, and I am really glad he did because I feel energized today.  We both started Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer again today, as I mentioned before we had gone through the first 6 weeks before I realized that I would not be able to put in the time I needed for my half marathon training.

But with the race being 11 days (WHAAATTT) away, I figured we could start that back up.  The first phase (4 weeks) of the LiveFit trainer have shorter workouts that I can fit in with a few miles a day, today I only did 2 but it felt good.  I am in the home stretch of half marathon training, I never thought it would get here, but I will be happy to be able to run when I want instead of feeling like I HAVE to run.

Has anyone ever felt that way about their training? I hope I am not alone.

Well I’m off! I hope everyone has a great day!



Still on a high and all things Hunger Games

Hello friends!

Man I am still on a running high from Sunday’s 9 miler and bike ride…buuuut I didn’t run yesterday, ha. I guess what I mean to say is that I feel good, amazing actually.  I am actually looking forward to my last long run before my race this coming weekend. I hope to get to the gym tonight to crank out a nice five mile run. We shall see!

Yesterday my friend/twin sent me this:

Yup, our Hunger Games tickets have officially been purchased and we are ready to go.  We have been toying with the idea of getting shirts for the movie, but everywhere we look they are so freaking expensive.  So we decided to make our own, and by make our own I mean design them on spreadshirt.

Then I decided to make a few more designs, and open a spreadshirt store, you’re welcome.

Obviously after I put those all together, I wanted to buy them all, but I didn’t, but they are there in my store if you want to purchase them.

Also if you have not read the Hunger Games series I suggest you do so immediately, because they are fabulous.  I started and finished the series early last year and have been waiting for the movies to come out!!

Welp I hope everyone has a great day!


Have you read the books?- if not DO IT *shakes fist*

Beast Mode

Hello friends!

This weekend was simply amazing, seriously. On Friday, we headed to my Erik’s parents house for pizza (a lot of pizza) and a movie. We had a total of seven pizzas (for eight people, ha) and watched Moneyball. That was a great movie, but then again I love baseball movies.

Saturday morning, Erik had to get up and go to a work conference, so I geared up to go on my nine mile run, but as soon as I opened the door to head outside it started POURING, sweet life.

Instead I showered and headed over to my mom’s house to hang out with my family, and so that my mom could cut my hair :) After Erik got back we went over to our friends (Nalini and Sundeep’s) apartment for their housewarming party. We had a freaking awesome time, their friends are really fun to hang out with and we met some pretty awesome new people. She had an awesome housewarming idea, they painted these mirrors black and had everyone write their favorite word in white out. Perdy awesome.

I wrote one word on all three, (Shenanigans, Ninja, and Guppy), because I am just that awesome. And because noone else was writing anything so I thought I would be the first.

Woke up Sunday morning completely intimidated by the Nine miles I was supposed to run, so I debated all morning whether I wanted to run it or not.  But with Erik’s encouragement I got my stuff together and headed out and I am so freaking glad I did.  I have never felt so amazing and so proud of myself. I felt like I could run forever, and at around mile three I knew I was going to be able to run all nine.

 AHHH I am so happy with that time!

Enter beast mode: after my run and subsequent ice bath (aweeeeeeesome) Erik pumped up the tires of our bikes and we headed out for a two hour mountain bike ride!!! It was veeeeerrrry muddy, but we had such a great time.

Afterwards we went to get lunch, a very late lunch, then vegged out on the couch for the rest of the day/night.  A perfect end to an awesome weekend!

How was your weekend?

Do you guys bike ride?


Random Ramblings

Hello friends!

Thank you all for your input on my post yesterday.  I also think now that it was a combo of lack of water and oppressively hot temps at the gym.  Lesson learned, drink more water.

This is going to be a totally random post, but I don’t care because it’s Friday and we have an awesome weekend planned :)

Ella has been realllly into these little tennis balls, and if you have a dog that has a lot of energy and loves playing with squeaky toys go out and buy these little suckers.  They keep her busy for hours, and she looks damn cute when she is playing with it.

In celebration of the amazing 70 degree weather yesterday, I took a picture of (what I think to be) my super cute outfit (also a celebration that I’ve lost 6 lbs in two weeks!).


please excuse the mess of a guest bed in the background.  Ella likes to sleep on her doggy bed, on top of the guest bed.  Don’t ask, she is a princess and we spoil her.  Also Erin don’t worry, these are our bad sheets and comforter, when you guys come up here next weekend it will look much better :).


Which leads me to the topic of our wine and cheese party, sorry I keep talking about it but I am so freaking excited to have our friends over for this party next weekend!

Here are a few things that we will be featuring:

Rainbow pinwheel cookies

Guacamole Hummus

Goat Cheese & Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos 

and last but not least

Garlic Basil & Bacon Deviled Eggs

I’m pretty excited :)  Other than the pure excitement of having our friends come together for a party, I think I love hosting parties because it gives me an excuse to try out new recipes. It is going to be fun!

Well I hope everyone has a great day and weekend!  With me luck on my NINE mile run tomorrow!



Hello friends!


I’m glad everyone feels like rock-star bursting out in song and dance when they receive a nice comment from a reader :) I thought I was the only one, haha.

Something really weird happened to me last night while I was running and I wanted to share to see if this has ever happened to anyone else.  This has happened to my once before, when I wasn’t running, so it might not be running related.

I walked into the gym last night, ready to crank out my five miles, but it was hot… like oppressively hot.  I changed and hopped onto the treadmill anyway.  Around the third mile I started to feel really weird, like overly sweaty and weak in the knees.  So I slowed down to a walking pace and tried to figure out what was going on.  I couldn’t catch my breath, and then the room started to spin.  At this point I stopped the treadmill and started walking towards the locker room, yea I didn’t make it.  I found a chair and sat down for a good five minutes.  Everything was soaked in sweat (tmi? maybe), and slowly but surely I regained my breath and the room stopped spinning.  But I was really terrified, and there was no one at the gym that I knew (hubby was meeting me later to lift).

I was completely fine a few minutes later and was able to drive home, but has this happened to anyone before?  Does anyone know what could have caused it? I am thinking I just overheated…. and I know I had enough calories, but maybe I was lacking water? I just hope it doesn’t happen again.

Have a lovely day!

Midweek Confessions

Hello friends!

I sort of feel like this week has been flying by, anyone else feel that way? No? Well it’s time for another edition of my Midweek confessions :)


  1. This didn’t last very long.. well sort of. I had a beer the other night (still no sweets though). I just can’t give it up completely.  I just love love love the taste of a great beer.  So instead of giving up beer completely I will try and limit my consumption.  That also makes me sound like I drink every night, I don’t, probably one beer, once or twice a week. I’m sorry I am such a sham, but at least I am honest. You can say I told you so… *hangs head in shame*
  2. I feel like the champion of the world a real runner every time I write another article for  And subsequently sing “We are the Champions” in my head.
  3. I am totally geeked up about the events we have planned for the next couple of weekends.
  4. I got a very sweet facebook message yesterday that really made my day.  A girl from high school sent me a message saying she loves reading my articles and that I inspire her. She is new to running and says that my articles help her to not be afraid of trying something new. I love that. I write for myself, but I love hearing that my experiences are helping others.
  5. On that note… I did not run yesterday.  Just really wasn’t feeling it and that’s okay.
  6. I also was not feeling inspired to cook last night, so we had breakfast for dinner, and to be honest it was amazing.  Oh yea and we didn’t have any tater tots so we had the rest of the bag of french fries.

What are you confessing this week?

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