Engagement-May 10, 2008

I suppose it started during the day. It was the day of my birthday, Anya and Lauren took me out to get my nails done and we went out to lunch. Little did I know Erik was out and about picking up my ring, talking to my mom and the manager at the restaurant. We had planned on going out to dinner for my birthday that night. We went to Arties, the place where we had our first date. Erik told me he had my present in the car and would get it for my after we ate dinner. We were drinking our wine and Erik went to go get my present out of his car. When he walked back in he handed me a box that was the size of a scrapbook. We had a little trouble opening the box, but when I opened it there was an amazing crystal frame with the words “Will you marry me?”. I was absolutely shocked, and said of course I will marry you! Lauren had been standing right behind Erik taking pictures and I had not even noticed. I got up to give Erik a hug and the entire restaurant starting clapping and cheering. My sister and Anya then walked in and we all hugged and I cried (obviously). The family a couple tables down from us bought us a small bottle of Champagne. It could not have been a more perfect night!

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