The search is on!

I have started looking for venues to have our wedding and reception. I know some of you might think, ” wow already?”, to that I answer yes, I want to book a venue as soon as I can not only so we can let our families know the date, but also so I can help Diana more with her wedding stuff.

Erik, Anya and I went to Foxchase manor and Chantilly National Golf and Country club the weekend of the 17th. Foxchase was a complete dead end, it was so huge and very unwelcoming. The country club was very nice other than the place the ceremony would be held. I don’t really know how to describe it, just know that it would have been very awkward.

So then I had planned on going to leesburg to visit Raspberry Plain and Whitehall Manor on the 31st. But Erik and I went to a general contracting networking shin-dig at a place called Top of the Town in Arlington. The view from that place is absolutely amazing. As we were leaving Erik turns to me and says “how cool would it be to have our reception up here?” I admit at first I did not like the idea, because I had always dreamed of having a cute outdoor wedding. But I thought hey we can have the ceremony outside then come to Top of the Town and have the reception.

I went to work the next day and looked up pricing and fell in love with the idea. I called and emailed Joan (the lady in charge) and realized that this reception could be possible. So long story short: I think we found our reception venue!!!!!! I haven’t signed a contract and am still planning on going to leesburg, but unless something unexpected happens I think this is it!

I am still looking at ceremony sites but Joan said most brides just have their ceremony at the Netherlands Carillon.

We still have to go with the moms and check it all out but we are both very excited!

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