I did it I purchased my first car yesterday!!  It is a 2006 BMW 325i! It is so beautiful, haha. I am actually at a loss for words. I want to thank Erik for coming with me and being such a wonderful backbone while I was choosing the car and negotiating.  I also want to thank my mommy, thanks to her we got an extra $500 off the price of the car.  Because the two of them I felt confident and very supported when I was talking to the dealer.  

The funniest part is that if you look at the previous post the picture of the car in that and the one I actually got are identical.  The weirdest part is that we got my car from the BMW dealer 
and the one in the picture before was from a search I did online. Weirrd.
A bit about the car: It has a premium package which includes the leather seats and automatic seats, memory seats and all that good stuff, it also has a cold weather package which includes the heated seats and a built in ski bag (I know I don’t ski but I figure Kelly would find this super sweet), and it has a sports package which includes nicer rim, sport suspension, bucket seats.  It comes bluetooth ready so I can press a button when I get a call and it will answer the call and broadcast it over my car’s speakers. What…OH YA and it has AC AND A MOONROOF, hehe.
I love it! I will put some more pictures of my car up on our online photo album for your viewing pleasure.

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