Ceremony Site

I know it’s about a week late but better late then never. On the 15th of July Erik, Cherie (Luke’s aunt), Luke and I went to a place called Jefferson Court. It is a courtyard in the middle of a few office buildings. It is located right off of K Street in Georgetown. The location could not be more perfect. I have yet to take my mom there to see it, but I really like it and the location is so close to Top of the Town it is perfect.

I was thinking of having the arch here so that we would be looking out to the other part of the courtyard. We would set up the chairs to go around the fountain in the middle in a V formation. The courtyard is already decorated with trees and pots with flowers in them but we will do more to make it look prettier.

After the ceremony we were thinking of taking pictures here and down by the water in front of this area and along the boardwalk. While we take our pictures we thought it would work out that the out of town guest that have not seen this part of Georgetown would go off and take their own pictures, until we all go over to Top of the Town for the reception.
We still have to work out a few details and take my mom there to make sure it is ok with her, but I really like the idea of having it there. Let me know what you think, please be honest!

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