I know two entries in one day, crazy. On July 17, Erik and I went to the National Harbor in MD for an AGC event. It was called a Clambake, we had (and by we I mean Erik did because I don’t like seafood) mussels, clam chowder and Lobster. We didn’t think they were going to give each person a whole lobster but they did! I did try the lobster and I have to admit it was not too bad. I could eat a little bit of it but I do not think I could eat a whole one. Erik on the other hand is absolutely in love with lobster now. They gave me a chicken meal from Boston market instead, it was good.

Here is a picture from the National Harbor itself.

It was really beautiful. The drive out there was a bit painful but it was worth it. Erik had mentioned wanting to take out of town guests there and I agree with him. Depending on how long people are in town for we will make a trip out to the National Harbor with whoever wants to go, hopefully by then they will have finished up the whole area.

We are both very excited!

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