Bridal Showcase and House Hunting

On Sunday the 7th my mom, Ava, Neila (my cousin) and my grandma went to the Washington Bridal Showcase. Boy oh boy was it overwhelming. There were people EVERYWHERE. Obviously I understand the point of a showcase, but man these people were vultures. As soon as you walked by if you even thought about making eye contact they sucked you into a conversation about their products or services. It was fun though. I found a few perspective photographers and will most likely start contacting them around November. We tasted a few cakes, and to be honest most of them were so dry I cannot believe they charge $600 for them. Insanity.

So you walk in the expo center and you sign these forms, pay your money and get a bag with a magazine and 3 sheets of paper with little squares of your unique number on it. You rip the little squares off and put it in the vendors’ boxes to win prizes. I didn’t know you had to stay until 4 (the end of the showcase) to see if you had won. We all left because Erik and I had an appointment with Mandy (our old neighbor) to look at some houses. Neila went back to the showcase to see if we had won anything, obviously we hadn’t. But in the last few days I have been getting phone calls saying that I have won a few things, nothing really just 2 make-up things and a bridal package vacation (which is like a seminar you sit through and get something in the end), we didn’t want to deal with that. But I did win an at home make-over for me and 10 of my friends. Going through I realized most of my girl friends are all out of the state or just too far to have them come over on a Wed night, so I invited the few that I have here along with moms and sisters. It should be a lot of fun.

As I mentioned before Erik and I went with our wonderful neighbor Mandy to see a few houses in the area. Out of the 4 or 5 (I can’t remember) we went to we liked one of them. I know 2 of the places we didn’t even get to go into because they gave incorrect information about the status of the house. One did even have a lock box on the door and the other had the wrong lock box. The others we didn’t like as soon as we walked in we could smell the mold so we immediately turned around and walked out. The last one we went to was wonderful. It was a townhouse, it had a deck, a HUGE kitchen with granite countertops and new cabinets. Three bedrooms 3 bathrooms, hardwood floors everywhere, really cute fireplace. We really liked it. But we are going to keep looking, perhaps the prices will go down even more while we are looking.

One thought on “Bridal Showcase and House Hunting

  1. Splorin the world says:

    whoa vulture people and moldy smelly houses, sounds like a blast! that’s really exciting though you guys getting closer to finding a house you like! Soon it will be october and then it’s wedding time, sheesh time flies doesn’t it? anyway see you in 9 days!


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