Updates on the house hunt

This past Sunday Erik and I went house hunting again, this time it was with Dorit, Mandy’s partner at work. Before went met with Dorit I checked my email and found a wonderful house on Terrell Street a few streets down from Erik’s family’s house in Annandale. Erik and I decided to drive past it and we loved it, so I asked Dorit if we could go see the inside of it when we were done looking at the homes we had planned on seeing.

We looked at seven houses on Sunday before coming back to the one on Terrell Street. Out of the seven we liked one of the townhomes we saw. But then we went to the house on Terrell Street, and wow let me tell you we all fell in love with it. We showed the family and they loved it too so we decided to put an offer down on the house!

We waited all day Monday and around 7:30pm I get a call from Mandy saying they sold the house for more than $22,000 more than we had offered. The house had been on the market for less than 24 hours and the realtor said she had gotten about 30 calls saying they were interested in it.

I was obviously upset but in the end the house was not meant to be ours, and we will keep looking until we find something. We will keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Updates on the house hunt

  1. Diana and Sunny says:

    Aw, nuts guys! When I called mom and she mentioned your house hunt, I thought for a second that you’d bought one! Don’t get discouraged though, it took us 6 months of searching and visiting houses every weekend before we found ours, and that was before the whole mortgage crisis business.


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