STD’s are in production

It has been almost a month since the last update. We had been super busy with Diana’s wedding, and boy was it all worth it, it was amazing; I know I learned a lot from her and I am once again in wedding mode.
It was great seeing everyone at her wedding and I can’t wait to see you guys again when you come back to DC in August.

I ordered our save-the-dates last week and I can’t wait until they come in. It takes them about 2 weeks to make them, then however long after that to get to my house. I want to send them out the first week of December so make sure you look for them in the mail. I was going to wait to send them out but Erik suggested I send them out in December because that is when people will most likely be making their summer plans. He’s a thinkerJ. I have been learning, or well attempting to learn calligraphy. It is very difficult, and I am terrible at it. Hopefully by the time I have to write the addresses on the envelopes I will be halfway decent. I apologize in advance for my infant-like handwriting.

Can someone please tell me why finding a house is so hard? House hunting has been a little frustrating. On Sunday Erik and I went and looked at about 20 houses and didn’t like one enough to put an offer down. It seems either everything is way overpriced or the ones that are in our price range are mice infested. Why does this area have to be so expensive? Only thing we can do is keep looking, hopefully something will come along.

3 thoughts on “STD’s are in production

  1. Diana and Sunny says:

    ew, mice-infested houses. Although, definitely you have to make some compromises when you buy a house. If there are flaws that will take some elbow grease and time but not much money, it’s a fair trade-off. We learned that simple things can turn you away from a house but when those things are closely examined, they’re not so bad. The only thing I would shy away from would be a structural problem; Erik should be handy evaluating that. -Sunny


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