Waiting Game

We did it again! Yesterday Erik and I put an offer down on another house! The house is in Red Fox, for those that don’t know Red Fox area is a really cute neighborhood. Now it is just a waiting game. It is a short sale so we have to wait for the offer to be approved by the bank. Hopefully no one else will put an offer down on the house because, well we both love this house, and we are very tired of spending one entire day of our weekends looking at houses. The house needs a little work but it will be so much fun fixing it up. Oh yea there is a pool in the backyard. I don’t want to give too many details so let’s just all pray that it works out and we get this house and if we do then I will post pictures and tell you more about it!

On another note, the STDs are arriving at my house this Wednesday, a week earlier than they had originally told me they would be in. I am very excited to see how they turned out.

Oh and I am going dress shopping this coming Saturday! YAY

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