House Update

Today we went out house hunting again; both of us have been quite discouraged and let down recently with the houses on the market but we went out anyway. Until today; we put an offer down on another house! This one is even more perfect than the last one. Really I think this is the best one we have seen. It has a little man-made pond in the most wonderful and large backyard.

The best part about this house is that not only is it a regular transaction (meaning we don’t have to wait for the bank to approve the offer) but the agent selling the house is also a Long and Foster agent, which we are told makes everything run more smoothly. The other agent was very excited and happy as well; we should know within 24 hours of we get the house. So everyone please pray; this is it this is the one we really want.
We are hoping that the third time is the charm!

Oh ya and we retracted our offer on the other house.

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