It is official, Erik and I are homeowners! We had our settlement yesterday. Everything went very well. We went to home depot yesterday and bought new locks for all the doors. I can’t wait to start working on fixing up the house! This weekend we will clean the upstairs and finalize paint colors and hopefully start painting. Our roofing guy is going to be at the house all day today, putting on our new roof.

We also met with Hyojon to go over some more designs for our kitchen, and went to the granite place and picked out our granite. We are hoping to start work on the kitchen early to mid January.
I am also hoping to meet with the caterer in early January and get that taken care of. I should also have a block of hotel rooms reserved for people who know they will be coming and are ready to book their hotel rooms now. I will give you more information about that when I know more but for now enjoy the holidays!

One thought on “Homeowners!!

  1. Aunt Sue says:

    Congratulations to the new Homeowners! How cool! Post more pix of the house…and of all the people painting…and of the backyard with pond and huge tree..Hey! House with no furniture yet..place for big New Year’s Eve Party…plenty of room for lots of people….


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