Eight Months to go!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, we certainly did. We received a lot of awesome things for our house for Christmas; I am so excited to use them!

The girls and I went dress shopping on Friday and I found my dress! Oh I love it so much I can’t wait to wear it. The place we went did not have a big selection of bridesmaid’s dresses so we are planning to go to a different place before everyone leaves again.

Erik and I (with the help of our families) have been working on our house. Things are slowly progressing; I say slowly because we always have to wait for something to dry. So far we have changed the locks, taken down that hideous white front screen door, taken down the bars in the front entrance, taken down the awful curtains and spackled almost everywhere. Yesterday we took out the upper kitchen cabinets! And I think we are ready to start painting some of the ceilings upstairs. Oh yea and the new roof was installed on the house on Friday. As soon as we order the kitchen cabinets and get them in we are going to start installing those as well.

I promise I will put pictures up of the house when I leave work today.

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