Home Improvement Continues

This past weekend Erik and I sanded the floors upstairs. Well really Erik sanded the floors and I sanded the stairs and vacuumed A LOT. It wasn’t difficult it was just very time consuming. It literally took us two full days to sand the floors upstairs. But we did it and they look awesome!

This coming week and weekend we have quite a bit of wedding things we have to do, but we are going to try and stain the floors. Then the following weekend we will put on the polyurethane to protect them.

Tonight we are going to the hotel we are most likely going to reserve a block of rooms in. We can only block 10 rooms at a time so if you know you will need a room please do not wait to book your room. Once the 10 rooms have been claimed we can reserve another block of 10 rooms. But I will give you all the details most likely by the end of the week.

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