Staining Floors…New job…bowling…etc…

This past weekend we learned that we do not know how to stain floors.
Well we didn’t know, so we did it wrong. But during this week sometime we are going to strip the stain off of the floors and do it again. We are going to get a darker color so we don’t have to leave the stain on as long to achieve to color we want. Oh well you live and learn. I will put pictures of what the floors looked like before we started staining them and I will put pictures up once they are completed.

This is a busy week for us. Today both Obama and I started new jobs.
(His slightly more important than mine). I am still in Frederick, MD, but I am in the main Bechtel building (for those of you who do not know my other building consisted of 30 people with an average age of 60).

This building has approximately 3,000 people and I don’t know what the average age here is but I figure its closer to 50ish. I have a sweet looking phone and the soap in the bathroom smells like heaven. I will post more details when I figure out what project I am going to be working on, for now I am in “training” (aka I sit at my desk playing around with outlook and desktop settings).
Friday is my first Friday off since we started our 9/80 schedule (we get every other Friday off but have to work 9 hours a day). This Friday we have the appliance people coming to look at our washing machine. It is leaking; luckily our washing machine is in the garage so no wood
flooring was hurt during the process. Then on Saturday we are going to
R&R for our tasting.

Oh yes I forgot to mention this last week but at our bowling night last wed. Erik bowled a 217, he got six strikes IN A ROW. It was awesome! So yes on top of our busy week we have our bowling TONIGHT!

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