Stuff and things

I put new pictures under “Floors” and “Our House”

-Making my to-do-list shorter!-
I booked our DJ and our Caterer. The caterer for our wedding is going to be R&R catering. We have put together a really delicious menu which includes a Persian dish (not as great as my mom and grandma make it but it will still be really good).

Also we have reserved the Unitarian Universalist Church in Arlington for our wedding ceremony. And we asked Hyojon’s dad (Uncle John, as we like to call him) to be the one who marries us. Now I have to call the Arlington courthouse and see how he can go about getting his license. Seven more months until the big day!!!!

-House update-.

This past weekend we asked Bethany’s dad to come over so Erik could ask him a few questions. He is also helping us get a better quote for our kitchen cabinets! Other than that we have been painting up a storm upstairs. We plan on being completely finished with the painting upstairs by the end of this weekend. I have Friday off so I will be there all day working on it.

My cousin’s uncle, Saeed, is coming over to our house on Tuesday to start working on our floors!!!!! We are so excited, thank you again. I will put pictures up as soon as they are done. I realize I have been slacking on the pictures.

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