Busy weekend

Erik and I work very well with deadlines. We told ourselves we had to finish all the painting upstairs by the end of the weekend and we did! With the help of both of our moms we finished painting all the trim, the closest doors and all the windows upstairs. We also cleaned and vacuumed quite a bit.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend, put I also put more pictures up under “House”.

I was in charge of painting the upper part of the closets and taking the doors down….

Erik hates painting but he was determined to finish this weekend.

Here is Bob painting the closet doors in the garage.

Because of the beautiful 62 degree weather we turned on our pond to see it if worked.

Our “Pool boy” even came over to clean the “pool”/pond.

OH YEA, yesterday we went to Haverty’s and bought our couch, coffee table and a rug. We don’t have to start paying for it until it gets delivered (we are hoping to be done with the kitchen so we can have it delivered in April).

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