This past weekend was probably out most productive weekend in weeks! Let’s see… we finalized our lighting contract with Ross (a family friend of Erik) and he said he will begin work on either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. To make his job a bit easier Erik and I did a lot of demo work in the house.

Saturday we took down the wall that was separating the kitchen from the living room. I wanted to take a hammer to the wall but Erik suggested we should take a slightly more organized approach to the demolition.

We did however have a little fun smashing a few parts of the drywall in with hammers. It took us about 5-6 hours to complete the wall demo-ing but it was well worth it. Don’t you think…?

Sunday we got a late start but went over to our house around 11 am to take the bottom cabinets out of the “kitchen”. It look us about and hour and fifteen minutes (but who is counting) to figure out how to remove the garbage disposal. Once that was out, we call Bethany’s dad, Tom, and asked if he could come over and help us take out the stovetop. It took him literally five minutes to take the stovetop off (it would have taken us hours haha). I really don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have such wonderful and generous family and friends!

After they moved the countertop Erik’s mom came over and helped us take out the rest of the bottom cabinets. Four hours later….

We cleaned up the dust and debris, which took FOREVER, then we measured and taped off where everything in our kitchen was going to go. I totally forgot to take a picture of that, but we now have a visual sense of where everything is going to go. Oh yea and we ordered our island hood and should be getting that in the mail sometime this week.

That’s all for now. When Ross begins the electrical work I will bloggy again! Have a great week everyone!

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