On Sunday Erik and I bought a lawn mower! I know a bit of a dorky thing to get excited about but hey, it is our first lawn mower. This lawn mower has a little blue garden hose attachment thingy so we can attach our hose to it and clean out the bottom of the mower. It is also a self-propelling lawn mower which I told Erik would be a good idea to buy so I can mow the lawn too (I have much to learn about this lawn mowing task).

This weekend was spent doing some much needed spring cleaning. Saturday we started out by breaking down the rest of the cabinets outside organizing the pieces (All Erik’s idea, I am so lucky to have a very tidy and organized FiancΓ©; he makes all of this mess easier to deal with).

The weather was so wonderful this weekend neither of us wanted to be inside. So we decided to empty out the pond because it was literally beginning to smell like sewage. At first we started to pump the water into a bucket and carried it out to the street but after two trips we decided it was going to take about six days to complete. So, being the brilliant engineers we are, we decided to set up a series of tubes trying to lead the water out of the pond and into the street. We got as far as our fence. We tried to attach the garden hose but that sprayed water everywhere. Then Erik realized we could use the sliver clampy things (I know not very scientific description) to attach the larger tube to the smaller garden hose. Long story short here are some pictures of our creation.

2 thoughts on “Domestication!

  1. Splorin the world says:

    Sweet now we do the mow lawning! πŸ˜› That’s exactly what me and Ava wished we could do when we did all those trips to and from the pond with the buckets of water. I like your guy’s style!


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