Engagement Photo Session Scheduled!

Hooray! We scheduled our engagement photo session for May 15! It will give me a little time to figure out what I am going to wear and maybe lay out and get some sun in our backyard!

I can’t believe there are only 21 more weeks until the big day! I think wedding planning shenanigans are going to start picking up again. I am going to be ordering my cake in the next few weeks, but really other than that I don’t have much to do until May. I think in April I have to schedule hair and make-up appointments and plan the welcome baskets. Oh yea and we have to go and order Erik’s wedding band!

ANNND my wedding dress is coming in the second week of April, eeek, I have to start hitting the gym harder and no more sweets. I am going to try and schedule my dress fitting for May 1st. Then have to buy some shoes. My veil is arriving at the end of April and my tiara comes in around May 20th. After I get those I will go in for my mock wedding hair appointment (once I figure out where we are going to get our hair done! Eeek)

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