Green Thumb

This was yet another very productive weekend despite the fact that Erik had to go to a conference for work all day Saturday. My mom, sister and grandparents came over to our house on Saturday to do some gardening. I watch too much “Curb Appeal” and really just HGTv in general and I was tired of our house looking so “blah”, for lack of a better term.

These are the two flower beds in front of our house, my mom and grandma cleaned all the leaves and dead plants out of them and we planted these flowers. My mom and I woke up early Saturday morning and went to home depot to buy flowers (less people traffic). We have A LOT more gardening to do, apparently we have a huge yard haha.

This is the little area around the pond; we planted a few lavender plants around it. Boy does lavender smell amazing. I can’t wait until everything is complete and we can sit outside and enjoy all of the hard work.

Sunday was another full day of work, but I won’t tell you about that until Wednesday.

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