Floor work

As promised a bloggy about the floors. On Sunday Luke came over to help Erik fix the floors where we took down the wall. I have to say they did an AMAZING job. You can’t even tell it was a patch job. Wonderful work boys!

We started around 9 am, and Luke came over around 10. We had a bunch of prep work and had to get some tools we didn’t have, so the boys started working on the floor at around 3. At about 8pm the floors were done and we were all starving. Oh yea a special thanks to Tom (Bethany’s dad) for letting us use his tools time and time again, thank you so much. And to Parviz and Sina for also letting us use their tools.

While the guys were working on the floor I was painting the basement. I do have to say it looks aweeesome. After I was done with the basement I helped the guys out as much as I could (I didn’t want to get in their way).

Side note, we are hoping to book our honeymoon either this week or next week.. YAY, and I am working on getting hair and make-up appointments squared away!

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