I took a four day weekend…! Long bloggy.

…but it wasn’t all fun and games. On Thursday my mom stayed home from work with me! We got there really early and I started doing some of the sanding while my mom fixed the area around the old mirror. Then we went to lunch and home depot (I am so tired of home depot!). After lunch we came back to the house and cleaned and taped and painted the living room, and the trim in the bathroom. THANKS MOMMY! After dinner Erik and I went back to our house and he applied a bit more speckle.

I had the day off on Friday (my usual every other Friday off business) so I scheduled to try on my wedding dress! We went and I tried it on and it fit wonderfully, I can’t wait to wear it again. I scheduled an appointment for my fitting for June 12!

Then we (me and Erik’s mom) went back to our house and waited for the AC repair man to come and look at the AC. He told us the coils were leaking!? I have no idea what that means. Long story short they have to call the insurance company to see what they are going to pay for, blah, blah. Hopefully they will come back and just replace the darn thing. After he left we went to home depot (ugh) and bought some 2x4s and sheets of plywood. It was a crazy cramped ride back to the house but we got there. We then started painting my accent wall in the living room, I’ll post pictures when it’s all done; it’s a secret. The cabinets arrived on Friday as well!!! Here is a picture of all the boxes!

So Saturday morning Erik and I went to our house and started installing the cabinets. Luke and Hyojon came over to help. We called Tom like 100 times to ask him questions, and he came over and helped out too! Thanks guys! Here is what the cabinets looked like at the end of the day Saturday.

On Sunday, we installed the two other upper cabinets with Luke’s help, which took most of the morning. There were no studs in the wall we are putting the cabinets against, so we had to get a 6 inch screw and hand screw it to the header of the house! And by we I mean Erik, it looked exhausting. Tom also told us we have to go back and screw the cabinets into the cinderblock.

In the afternoon we started laying out the bottom cabinets. We thought the lazy Susan was an incorrect size, so we couldn’t install that until we got a hold of Tom to ask him about it. He told us lazy Susans are not supposed to be flush with the walls. They are basically held into place by the cabinets next to them.
Here are a few pictures of what the kitchen looks like now!! We still have a little ways to go before it’s done.

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