No work, all play… sort of

Last weekend our couch and appliances were delivered, I have yet to take pictures of them haha. Diana came to visit on Wednesday and stayed the weekend, so we put the housework on hold for the weekend. It was definitely a much needed break.

On Friday we went and picked out/ordered our granite for the countertops! They are coming this Friday to install them. I will be leaving work at lunch to watch! After we picked out our granite we rushed to Meadowlark Botanical gardens where we met our photographer for our engagement pictures. We had so much fun and the weather was perfect. Liz (one of our photographers) said they would have the pictures ready for us in two weeks! Believe me; as soon as they are posted I post the link. YAY!

Our grass grows like its on steroids, I am not kidding. We mow the lawn on Sundays and by Tuesday the grass is already looking shabby. So tonight we are going to our house to mow the front lawn. While I mow the lawn Erik and Luke are going to be installing the last cabinet; the one that goes over the fridge. Oh yea and my strawberries are growing!

Diana designed our wedding menus; so that is one less thing we have to worry about, yay Sperbeny! I am almost done addressing the invitations, I am going to try and mail them out next Friday (on Erik’s birthday!). Also if you need a hotel for the weekend please don’t forget to call and reserve your rooms! The information for the hotel can be found on the left hand side of this page.


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