MAJOR disappointment!

If you haven’t heard already, our granite was scheduled to be installed this past Friday. Well I took a half day at work and got there around noon. They starting bringing in the granite pieces and after about an hour and a half they brought in the longest piece. Everything was going well until I noticed they were installing a 4’’ backsplash. I texted Erik and he immediately called me and said they aren’t supposed to put in a granite backsplash (we had specifically asked not to have one). So I told the installers we didn’t want the backsplash and he told me if they didn’t put it in we would have about a half an inch gap between the wall and the edge of the granite. I knew something was wrong, so again I called Erik and he was luckily able to leave work and come take charge. We called Saeed Joon and he also came over and both he and Erik agreed that they had completely botched the cuts in the granite. Long story short, they had measured it correctly and drawn it out, but when the granite was sent to be cut they had cut it an inch too short (idiots). Saeed Joon yelled at them and told them they had to do it again and do it correctly this time. So we are going to try again this Friday (hopefully, maybe sooner).

Needless to say Erik and I were both very very disappointed. We have to push everything back another weekend. The backsplash also could not be installed because we have to wait for the granite to go in, same deal with the appliances. Ugh!

We had a very nice Memorial Day weekend. We went to three BBQs, very yummy but we ate waaay too much. We attempted to play golf yesterday but as soon as we started it starting pouring down rain and we had to get rainchecks. This worked out to our advantage because we got a free 9 holes of golf!

We didn’t get anything done on the house or with the wedding; it was a weekend of eating. I think I am going to have to bring the wedding invitations to work and fold and stuff them during my lunch all week, I am going to try and mail them out on Friday!! Oh yea and we might be getting a puppy in four months, maybe even two puppies!! Our friends own a boxer and they think she might be pregnant, (keep your fingers crossed)


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