Updates galore!

Sooo many things to say! First off if this is your first time viewing our blog Welcome! We have been using this blog to keep everyone informed about the events in our lives for the past year. Only 80 days until the BIG DAY!!

This Friday my mom and I are going for my first official dress fitting and I still have not gotten my shoes! I will be frantically looking for shoes for the next 3 days. We moved into our house this weekend (finally after almost 7 months!) and we have been super busy moving, unpacking and cleaning. Our housewarming party is this Saturday and we still have tons of things to do! I will post pictures of the rooms in our house after this weekend.

I also just checked with the hotel and only 6 rooms have been booked. Please book you rooms soon so we can add more rooms to the block. The hotel is called Virginian Suites and it is literally a block away from Top of the Town (our reception venue). Please call 703-522-9600 and ask for the Hassas/Seubert wedding block, you have until July 31 then the prices go up.

We had our first strawberries from our garden, they were not sweet at all, haha, but they were fresh and pretty delicious.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our engagement shoot. You can find the information to view the rest of them in the blog entry before this one.

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