Housewarming Party!

This past Saturday we had our housewarming party. It was soo much fun! Thank you to everyone for the gifts, the wine, food and most importantly the company. The weather held out nicely, and thank goodness for that because we could not have fit everyone in our non- air conditioned house, haha. AND thank you to everyone who helped get our house ready for the party, you know who you are! Here are a few pictures from the party, I put the rest of them on facebook and later this week I will post a link on here.
Our first trip to Costco

Before the Party

During the Party

This coming Saturday is my bridal shower! Bethany and her mom are throwing it, well Bethany will be in Florida but she is technically the hostess of the event. I am super excited.

We are starting to get some RSVPs back! There is one I got that does not have a name on it. All it says on the inside is will attend 2 +1 child. If someone can claim this it would be wonderful! I was not informed by a certain someone, to number the RSVPs in case this happens so we have to do a little process of elimination. Also don’t forget to make your hotel reservations! YIPPIE 74 more days (but who is counting)!

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