Bridal Shower!

This past Saturday was my bridal shower!! My mom and Bethany’s mom did an AMAZING job. The food was wonderful and the house was so adorably decorated. Ava had to go to her soccer reefing gig that morning, so Erik and I went to home depot and picked out the rest of the lights in our house. We will install those after our AC is fixed. Which, on a side note, is getting fixed tomorrow morning!!!! After we picked Ava up we went to my mommy’s house and I drove back to our house with my other car, leaving Erik and Ava with my beamer. When they got to our house, Ava said go look at your car, and I was like why, what happened. And Erik said “nothing I just washed it for you, I couldn’t let you go to your shower with a dirty car.” He is the sweetest!

At the shower I got some pretty amazing presents and we had such a great time, just chatting it up. Here are a few pictures from the shower.

They made me wear this thing on my head haha.

oh yes, the RSVPs are due back next tuesday so send them out! Also make sure you book your hotel rooms (Sorry, I am starting to sound like a broken record haha)

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