Ella Seubert

She came over Sunday night with Sean and Brandy for a few hours to get accustomed to our house. We played with her a lot and she ran around sniffing things. She followed Erik and I around most of the time, it was so cute. By the end of the night she was soo pooped, Erik took her to her crate and laid down in front of her until she fell asleep. She slept down there for a good 30 min, then woke up and was sitting at the bottom of the stairs looking up at us. Oh it was so cute. We played with her a little while longer and took her outside, fed her and then she passed out on the floor again. Haha, here are a few pictures.

We get to take her home for good Thursday night I have Friday off, and Lauren is coming home from VCU to be with us . I will report from home on Friday to let you know how she is doing!

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