Updates on Ella

So I lied when I said I would blog on Friday. Splory came home Friday and was with Ella and I all day! Then after school my sister came over and played with her too! Both of them were such a HUGE help, they gave me a chance to shower, and make banana bread. Lauren and I took Ella to the vet on Friday to get her frontline, so I wouldn’t be nervous about leaving her outside in our yard. We also took her over to Erik’s parents house to play with Abby, there is a video of them playing on facebook. They seemed to like each other; at first Ella would walk around Abby with her butt facing her. It was too funny.

All weekend, every time we would put Ella in her crate or in the basement and close the gate, she would scream and cry like someone was trying to kill her. What a dramatic little puppy, haha. Lauren came over Saturday night and watched Ella while Erik and I were at my cousin’s wedding; thanks Splory! Then on Sunday we took Ella to Petsmart to sign her up for her puppy classes, which she starts on Thursday. After our little Petsmart adventure we came home and I made chili for the Redskins game (which we won!) and Erik did some much needed weed whacking.

We were so nervous to leave her at home alone all day while we are at work, but so far this week Erik’s mom and Anya have been coming over and playing with her and letting her play in the backyard. And after a few nights of barely any sleep, last night Ella finally slept through the night! Erik and I went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 5:15am and she was still sleeping! It was glorious, hopefully it wasn’t a fluke and she will sleep through the nights now.

On another note we are still awaiting our professional wedding pictures and will post the link and all the information as soon as we get it! We can’t wait to see them!

I think that is all for now, more later!

One thought on “Updates on Ella

  1. splorin the world says:

    That was a good weekend! Ella was so adorable! Also we might have to try to introduce Ella to Abby again because she was upset last weekend having to wear that cone around her neck so she may have been taking out her frustrations on Ella! All in all good weekend and delicious chili!!!


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