First Bloggy of 2010 :)

I suppose it is about time for an update! We have been keeping ourselves busy with Ella and life in general. I have been cooking up a storm when we get home from work everyday and I love it. Cooking really sheds away the long workday for me, add a glass of wine and you’ve got yourself a party. We had a great holiday and a really fun New Years party. Ella is getting bigger and bigger everyday. She is almost as big as Dolly (her mom), hopefully she won’t be getting too much bigger.

I guess the biggest news is that I am starting on a new project on Monday. I am really excited, because for once I feel like I am needed and wanted at my job. The new people I will be working with are so nice and approachable. And the best part is that I get a WINDOW SEAT! Yessssssss, ah the small joys in the workplace, oh ya and people smile when they walk around and actually say good morning.

Erik and I have been throwing around ideas about what we want to do next to our house. We have a crazy awesome design in our heads to expand our house in the back and add another floor. It won’t be happening for a few years, unless we win the lottery or find a large sum of money lying on the ground. But we want to sit down and come up with a drawing for our house expansion project and divide it into more manageable sections. Once we do that we can get pricing on the different sections and we can start saving appropriately. I think we are addicted to house renovations.

Well I believe that is all for now, I will try and keep this page more current.

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