Workout Room

We have finally decided what to do with the basement. We don’t really use it right now other than to keep Ella down there and her food and what not. But I am going to transform it into a usable room. My mommy is letting us have an old TV that they don’t use, an extra dvd player, and a rug she has in her living room, that she is replacing with a new one. I am going to get a set of adjustable weights and a little later we will get a workout bench. This way, when one of us can’t make it to the gym/we are too lazy to leave the house to go to the gym, we can still get in a good workout. I will continue to use my Jillian Michael’s dvds (which are aweeesome), and Erik will do some weight lifting man thing haha. Maybe I can convince him to do some Jillian Michaels workouts with me. Once the room is finished I will put pictures up. I am terrible about pictures. Eek.

2 thoughts on “Workout Room


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