Snowboarding Adventure!

This past Saturday, Erik, Sunny, Diana, James, Mari, Gilbert and I went to Whitetail to go snowboarding. This was my first attempt at any snow related activity (other than shoveling and sledding), and I loved it! I want to thank everyone who went for helping me learn, and being very patient with me. It really helped make this experience amazing. We drove up to whitetail around 8am, and by 10am we were on the slopes. I was very nervous, but like I said before everyone was so helpful, it was very easy to calm down. Sunny is putting together a movie of our snowboarding adventures, and when he has finished it, I will attempt to put it up on here. In the meantime, above is a picture of everyone (except me) Saturday before their last run. I was not in this picture, because after 7 hours, I was toast. They went up for one last run on a blue slope, while I sat and drank some yummy hot chocolate.


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