Mother Nature has a Bad Attitude

Well, here we are in Davis, WV:

Why are we sitting at the table playing “Words with Friends” on our phones instead of snowboarding down the mountain? Oh that’s because Mother Nature is mean! It rained all morning, so we decided to wait until the rain stopped to venture out into the snow.

Friday’s at Canaan Valley Ski resort they have $20 lift tickets, so we decided to jump on that deal. We should have checked the mountain out before we bought our lift tickets, because the entire mountain was ICE. It had dropped about 20 degrees so all the rain from the morning turned into ice. EW. We decided to try the slopes out, and literally five minutes into our slope ride I slipped on the ice, fell back and hit my head (ouch). After that we decided it wasn’t worth the risk of someone getting seriously injured, so we got a “snow check” and headed back to the house.

So here we are, the boys are fixing their snowboards, and us ladies went out for a mini walk to the store across the street from our house.

Tonight we are having spaghetti for dinner, and afterwards its HOT TUB time!!!! YES! Hot Tubs in the winter are one of the best things ever!

That is all for today! Have a great day everyone!


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