Our "go to" Meal

I believe everyone/ every family has a “go to” meal, something that is quick and easy and doesn’t require planning. Most of the time I feel like its Spaghetti, which is a good one, so quick and so delish. Our “go to” meal is a bit of a mash up of three things we love: Tortellini, chicken nuggets, and pesto. We named it chicken nugget tortellini, obviously. So instead of Pho last night (Luke stood us up, jk, he had plans with Amanda for dinner), we had chicken nugget tortellini.

Today for lunch I ran out of bread, and buffalo chicken breast, so I had a PB&J on a whole wheat hamburger bun, haha. It was pretty good.

You may notice the container under the Chobani, that contains a new discovery of mine. I love ranch dressing, and it is unfortunately quite unhealthy, however, my wonderful mother showed me a way to make it healthier. All you have to do is take this:

and mix it with nonfat, plain yogurt! It is so good. Try it out!

Tonight for dinner we are getting Pho! I can’t wait! Oh and also, how horrible is this, I am already excited for dinner tomorrow night, Orange Chipotle Chicken with Brown Rice! YUM (I hope). I got the recipe from Kirstie’s “Clean Eating” magazine. I plan on making 3 or 4 other recipes from that book next week! yay!

Okie, that’s all for today! Hope everyone has a great day, and get out an enjoy the SUN!


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