Home Alone :(

Erik had to go into work today for a conference, bleh. He has been gone since 7am and will get back tonight at 4pm, again bleh. So I was left home alone, with Ella. In the morning we went for another run (still really hard), then I went over to my mommy’s house and we went to Costco together! The crowds weren’t too bad, because we got there at around 11, but by the time we left it started to get SUPER packed. Thank goodness we went early. I hung out with my mommy and sister for most of the morning. After I got home Ella and I played in the backyard with her big yellow tennis ball, I think Ella can go pro in soccer, here you be the judge:

In the afternoon I went over to Ossian Park in Annandale, for our football practice. It was awesome, Sunny is a great coach. We ran through some of our plays, and they were going really well until one of the other people on the field basically tackled poor Mari. I think we need to be a little meaner on the field so that the guys playing soccer don’t push us around. grrrr!

After practice we went over to Patti’s house for a little party! We were celebrating Patti and Ramsey’s Engagement, YAY! I obviously did not take any pictures, horrible I know. Luke made some spicy chicken enchiladas, which were yummy, and Diana made some pineapple-cilantro rice, super yummy. Patti had made some homemade chicken tenders and potatoes, man they were good, she used Ritz crackers as the breading on the chicken tenders, genius! We brought a yummy cake from Giant, but Luke didn’t even give us a chance to take a picture of it before he cut it all up! All in all it was a yummy and awesomely fun night.

Off to bed!


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