Sunday Rainy Sunday

Ella, Erik and I went over to my mommy’s house in the morning. We took Ella over there so she can play with Ava, while Erik and I ran a few errands. We went to Ski Chalet to try on jackets for Erik and pants for me, so we could see what sizes we were, in case we found a good deal on something online. As it turns out, we did find a great deal online, Erik wanted a new snowboarding jacket, and we have been searching for one for a few weeks now. Well we finally found one, and got a ridiculously good deal on it. We ordered it and it should be in sometime this week, I’ll put pictures up when it comes in. We also went to Home Depot to get grass seed, I can’t wait for this weekend, when we can get our hands dirty in the yard. (PS. I say that I love yard work now, keep an eye out to see how long that lasts.)

After we got back from my mom’s house, it was dinner time, and we had a rotisserie chicken I had gotten from Giant on Friday that we still needed to eat. So we decided to make buffalo chicken sandwiches, but we didn’t have any buffalo wing sauce. Erik put together a really yummy sauce, made from: Texas Pete’s hot sauce, Worchester sauce, brown sugar, butter, and a dash of honey. You can see the picture of him cooking it in my previous post, but here is the chicken cooking in the delish sauce:

It was a bit too spicy for me, so Erik had to eat my sandwich too, but here they are:

After dinner we finally got to watch “The Social Network”, I know we are super behind on the times, which is mainly because we are obsessed with the show “The Wire” and have been getting that with our Netflix account, but I digress… The Social Network was a really good movie, but I am really glad it didn’t win Best Picture of the Year. So far we have seen “Black Swan” and “The Social Network”, our goal is to see all of the movies that were nominated.

Okie that is all for today!


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