Food Detox and Day 14 photo

I won’t even talk about all the junk we ate last week, I won’t do it. I bought the “Best of Clean Eating” book, based on the magazine Kirstie introduced me to, today and it should be in on Wednesday. After last week’s junk food fest, my tummy has not been feeling well, so I decided this week is going to be a food detox week. I had my usual breakfast, honey nut cheerios, milk, banana, and a few oatmeal squares, which was as usual super yummy. Lunch today was a simple turkey sandwich and peach Chobani Yogurt. I decided to mix up the snack in my lunch today with this:

My mom and I tried a sample of this at Costco yesterday and decided to get some. I think its supposed to be a cereal, but I put it in a baggie and ate it as a snack. I really like it, I am thinking of mixing it in my Chobani tomorrow!

Dinner tonight was also simple, I used the rub from the Coconut Chicken Chili recipe, and Erik grilled the chicken. We served it with some frozen veggies and a sweet potato.


Chicken with rub

The Final product!

Yum It was a yummy and “clean” dinner.

My Day 14 photo is this:

Two things about this photo, #1 traffic was so horrible today and I was going so slow that I could take this picture (sad). #2 Bechtel finally decided to advertise the fact that they are working on the Dulles Metrorail expansion.

Okie that is all for today! Hope everyone has a good evening!

One thought on “Food Detox and Day 14 photo

  1. Colleen Whitney says:

    Hey, Dorsa! Ashley is my sorority sister and a very, very good friend of mine too! I say a friend of Ashley Jones is a friend of mine 🙂 I love your blog and I love that you post recipes! I can't wait to pick some out to try 🙂


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