I absolutely love waking up to the birds chirping outside our window. I didn’t have time this morning for my cereal 😦 so instead I had my usual, easy bfast: English muffin with cream cheese and jam. Yum! Yesterday I said I wanted to put the Ancient Grains granola in my Chobani and I did, oh man THE BEST, I am going to call it “Cho-nola”:

Tomorrow I plan on making some “FroCho”. Oh ya that’s right I said it, I am going to freeze my Chobani and make a frozen yogurt treat for the afternoon. I will let you know how that turns out.

Today for lunch I have the leftover half of my sweet potato, and a side salad with my delish Yogurt Ranch. The yogurt ranch isn’t as delish as the fatty regular ranch but I know that its better for me…

As you all know at work we have a “build a better you” challenge, and periodically I get emails with some cool information.. This is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen online: a website that allows you to map out a running/ walking route, all you do is put in your home address then map out the route you want and it will tell you how far it is and how long it should take you. OMG I am baffled, maybe I am behind the times and some of you may have already seen this but I think its amazing. I found a 2.02 mile run around my neighborhood that I can do, no guess work, aka driving the route and trying to approximate how far the route is. AH too cool!

On my drive home today all I could think about was spaghetti. I had originally set out salmon for tonight’s dinner, but I had a really big craving for spaghetti, so I made it! It was fantastic.

I have two pictures for Day 15, it is of just one event, but Erik and Ella looked so cute playing outside I couldn’t just put one picture up!

Well it’s time to go watch Glee and Raising Hope! Have a great night everyone!

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