Dear Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, I love you

Today I had lunch/dessert with Jamie, we met at Mimi’s Cafe for some of their delish chocolate Mousse seen here:

at a mere 3 WW points this amazing treat is covered in strawberry sauce and topped with fresh strawberries, you MUST try it. Jamie is my sister from another mister, and pretty much knows me as well as she knows herself, really its scary how similar we are, anyway she gave me a very sweet gift:

This is my FAVORITE form of Reese’s, it makes me sad that they are so hard to find unless its around Easter. After lunch it was back to work as usual, until “tea at 3” when I took my “Fro-Cho” out of the freezer, oh man this is my second favorite form of Chobani:

It was so amazingly refreshing, I plan on eating these a lot during the summer!

Dinner tonight was Ginger-marinated Salmon, Uncle Ben’s long grain rice, and veggies:

This time I did not overcook the salmon so it was very tasty, all in all I believe this was a great food day, oh yes I failed to mention the Skinny Cow Ice cream we had for dessert (I didn’t take a picture of it though).

My Day 16 picture is of Sunny:

The siblings came over to our house tonight for dinner, and we didn’t have enough salmon for everyone, so Sunny and Diana brought some Tilapia and rice, and had a sushi thing (sorry I forgot the name of it). Sunny needed a big bowl for his dinner, so he used one of our serving dishes for his dinner bowl. Just look at how big it is! haha.

Well that is all for today folks!

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