Springtime is the best!

As you can see from yesterday’s photo, UPS did end up delivering our rings yesterday! I was so happy, Erik and I were playing catch in the backyard when he saw the UPS truck pull up. He ran around the house and I followed him, it was awesome. My Day 18 picture from yesterday was this:

This was taken at the airport last night. We were waiting for my Aunt, Uncle and cousin to come from IRAN for the first time EVER. We were very happy to see them, but we had to wait a while for them to come out of customs, in the meantime, Erik and Ava decided to play a little Angry Birds on their phones, haha, super cute.

This morning Erik and I took Ella for a mini bike ride to see how she would react to the bike. Erik walked with Ella while I rode my bike next to them on the street, all Ella wanted to do was chase me on the bike, it was hilarious. We took one lap around our neighborhood with her, then I dropped off my bike at home and took her for a long walk. After we got back Erik and I went on our own bike ride at Wakefield. My day 19 picture is of Erik’s bike before we took them out (hence why its upside down 🙂 :

It felt so good to get out on our bikes in this nice weather. I think we are going to try and go out every Saturday morning for a bike ride.

In the afternoon, my family came over to see our house for the first time before we headed to Georgetown. It was such a beautiful day we didn’t want to be inside, so we walked around Georgetown for few hours, before going down to the waterfront for dinner. We went to Sequoia for dinner, the food was ok, but it was nice to sit near the water, and most importantly, outside with my family. Well folks that’s all for today!


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