Ella is nuts!

Ok so I will try and keep my Chobani obsession under control, but I just had to tell you all that the Mango is absolutely amazing, really it is.

This is how terrible I am at taking pictures, I am sitting here during lunch writing part of this blog while eating my left over fajitas from last night and I failed to take a picture of them AGAIN! I mean really? am I that much of a fatty that I have to shovel food into my face before I can even think twice about taking a picture of it. Ugh! So yes sorry guys, I had fajitas and now they are in my belly, and you are once again picture-less.

My Day 23 picture is of Ella again. This is her in our guest bedroom. She goes in there all the time when we are downstairs and messes up the bed, we don’t know why, she just does it. Today we caught her in the act, look at how guilty she looks haha.

For dinner tonight we had an Iranian dish, rice, chicken and it also had green beans in it. It is my second favorite Iranian dish (I remembered to take a picture this time).

Well that is all for today, I am off to hang out with my family šŸ™‚


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