Sleepy Baby!

Sorry for the back to back Ella pictures but she is too cute. This is my Day 24 picture, this was right after she got yelled at for chewing on my aunt’s shoe. She never does that, I guess she thought it was her toy.

Today I tried the Pomegranate Chobani, YUM, I highly recommend it (Thanks Jamie). Also tonight for dinner my aunt made me my favorite Iranian dish, (I forgot a picture again, I am really sorry) but it was fantastic.
After dinner we watched “The Town”, not a bad movie but I am glad we didn’t pay to see it in the theaters. I will rarely go watch something at the theater anymore, because #1 the ticket prices are outrageous, and # 2 movies recently haven’t been that great and I don’t want to waste the money watching something I am going to hate. Anyway sorry about my rant about theaters.
I hope everyone has a great day! I am off tomorrow πŸ™‚ I have lots to do!!!


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